I didn't know that Ace Ventura was casting for a remake.


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They should see us in trailers or unloading bellies. You don't aim for a 30 foot drop but there's a chance. And Amazon does not follow any type of packaging procedure. I had a family member want to return something. They told her to keep the item and they'll ship a new one. 90% of our leakers are household items that Amazon ships horizontal

Today we had a entire trailer of Amazon heavies. We've been lucky and not really seen Amazon push through with the weight factor. But they are now. For every 15 tossed or glided correctly, I'm sure one unloader got a few extra kicks out of a few

It looks like that package is already ripped Or coming apart. It's a good 50 pounder.

I remember USPS breaking some salsa I had shipped. They put it in a garbage bag and continued shipping it


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Definitely no excuse but that guy certainly looked like he was having a bad day. He’s driving a promaster so that’s a walking route, you think he’d be in better shape .


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Would have been a lot easier if this lazy :censored2: got off his phone and went outside to help the mail carrier carry it. SMDH!

If you read the comments on the video clip, the customer did file complaints about this same postal courier... it fell on deaf ears, so he needs more concrete proof for the postmaster.

Granted, I dunno why that computer parts seller kept shipping heavy stuff via USPS... probably had a huge discount on shipping with them.

Plus most USPS couriers can't stow a hand truck/ 2 wheeler/ dolly inside their vehicles due to no space for them.

They'll have to spend thousands of $ to upfit any vehicle that's bigger than the standard LLV to accommodate couriers who are now lugging heavy boxes: