I do not know how she got caught? A real mystery.

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    Fraudster Scams $2.1 Million Tax Refund, Goes on Spending Spree

    A Salem, Ore., woman who filed a fraudulent tax return and received a $2.1 million refund has been
    arrested following a wild spending spree.

    Krystle Marie Reyes, 25, falsely claimed $3 million in income when filing her 2011 return using the program
    TurboTax, according to an affidavit obtained by The Oregonian. TurboTax then issued Reyes a prepaid
    Visa (V) debit card with the full seven-figure refund sum after the state approved her claim.

    Reyes was only caught after she reported the card lost. The total bill for her post-fraud splurges came
    to more than $200,000, according to The New York Daily News.

    The Oregonian reports that Reyes "apparently was caught on surveillance video using the card to
    make purchases at a number of Marion county businesses." She is said to have signed her own name
    for several transactions and given her actual address.

    Fraudster Scams $2.1 Million Tax Refund, Goes on Spending Spree - DailyFinance