I don't understand the people who don't use seatbelts

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Big Babooba, May 20, 2008.

  1. Big Babooba

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    My daughter totaled her car today. She rolled it on the highway at 65 MPH. She was trying to avoid an object in the road. The seatbelt saved her life. All she got was a few bruises and a sprained ankle. She is depressed because the car was only a year old,and she had the dealer special order it. I told her that it was only a car and it can be replaced, but she can't. We were very lucky today.
  2. DS

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    Glad to hear she's ok ,it seems to me that kids have to learn themselves the hard way all too often what Dad has been telling them all along.
  3. exzackly

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    It seems to be something that must be taught at an early age. I have a friend who never wears a seatbelt unless his son is around and he only does it then to avoid the wrath of his wife. He was never told to wear one as a child but it was strongly enforced in his wifes family. He loves his son very much and it's obvious but he just can't seem to make it important for himself. Because of his wife's persistence and his love for his son I've noticed that it has become second nature to the young boy. He seems to buckle up without giving a thought as to why it is so important. You probably can't understand because it is so obvious to you but for others, it is not so obvious. I always enjoy watching the boy hop in the car and strap up before so much as a word. It's a testimonial to good parenting and how a little persistence goes a long way. Perhaps instead of trying to understand why others don't wear them, you should just continue wearing yours as you have whilst encouraging those around you to do the same. They will find it strange that you, a stranger, place more importance on their life than they do. One day when you're long gone and a young boy's life is saved by a seatbelt you encouraged him to wear, PRESTO, you'll be immortal.

  4. dilligaf

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    Big, I understand what you are going through. My son recently did the same thing. Rolled it into a tree. He had a friend of his sitting in the passenger seat. Neither one of them were wearing seat belts. He is extremely lucky they both walked away with only minor injuries. And a couple of tickets. I pray that they realize the importance of safe driving habits.
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    One more thing. I'm assuming that she was either alone or with her pals which means you and mom weren't around and she was wearing her seatbelt. BRAVO! You've done a good job. Must have been persistent.

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    So happy she is fine. My youngest wont pull out of the driveway without, and straps all the kids in no questions asked even if hes only going a small distance. My oldest refuses to ever wear his. I pray every day. So glad it turned out well, and Kudos to Dad for how well you trained her.
  7. moreluck

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    Thank God your kid listened to your rules......Great job !!
  8. tritese

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    the seatbelt saved my life when i flipped a package car with the driver's door open, and it was just a lap belt..... old P500 (i believe that was the model)......from what i was told they were death traps, just junk.....