I fought for you....

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Great vid More...let us never forget.
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    So that's what Rod does everyday!
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    If so, he's a wonderful grandpa !!
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    This is why I am involved with Honor Flight.

    I would explain Honor Flight [-]but I prefer that you Google it[/-].
    Just watch this....

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    I am proud to say that I help a world war 2 vet in my neighborhood. He is in rather frail health and I try to do little things for him. I even got him the paper this morning.

    I know it's not a lot, but it meant a lot to him not to have to walk to the store as he is sometimes not able to make the two block walk.

    By the way, he fought for the other side in world war two in the German Army, does this still count as good deeds or am I aiding and abetting the enemy?
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    It means the world to the man.
    That is all that is important.
    There is a heart and a soul in the one we know as pickup.:happy2:
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    I dont do much but last winter when people on my route didnt have power for days, my one air force world war 2 veteran was all cuddled up in blankets, and I said "are you going to be ok, I have a generator I could bring you, keep your heat on or watch your TV" Thankfully it was not real cold. He told me "Honey, this is nothing Ive been through much worse" Talk about humbling..
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    The Leavenworth 10 fought for you and look where it got them...............
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    Looked like sentimental crap to me. Personally I'd have taken the kids to a veterans aid facility ( I've delivered to one locally) so they could meet their local heroes as well. More likely I'd take them to see my friend Bill out in Maryland. As anti-war as I can be, he is a major who I would have no problem following anywhere at anytime. Or maybe I'd take them to the VA to see the less glorious but still very real side of battle. Or maybe I'd just take a certain presidents advice and just go shopping.
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    Sentimental crap ?! exactly what I expected from you!
  12. pickup

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    Bah Humbug!
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    Good point.


    The sad but stark reality of war. Are we the people gonna continue to let young men and women like the above (notice that expression of unconditional love on that face) continue to be chewed up and spat back out by a political machine whose real motive is obviously other than what is truly being told? And also think of the huge national debt in the form of future taxation and lost individual wealth that this young man will face all because we're to lazy and blinded to accept the facts and then act accordingly to do something about it. Look at those bright shining faces and those whole perfect bodies of young men and women marching off to support the American Global Democracy front but then know that some of them will come back in the condition of the young man above and tell me that bringing democracy to a muslim is really worth it!

    If muslims really want democracy, history truly tells us getting American politcal power out of their way is in reality the first step towards those ends.
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    This is proof of how good our front line medics really are. Twenty years ago that Marine may not have even survived similar injuries. We always felt that if we made it on a medivac we would live. That was not always true but the sound of them coming in was always a little comforting.

    I know you want to take that picture and use it as a way to bash this Country but the other side of the coin is there are many that have been wounded in combat, myself included, that
    are proud of their service to this great nation.
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    Just out of curiosity, did you expect the rest of the post?
  16. cachsux

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    If the men who fought against the Germans,Italians,and Japanese can find friendship to and from their former combatants then who are we to cast stones?
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    Amen to that!!!!
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  19. bbsam

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    Unfortunately, the right leaning Supreme Court looks to be siding with those a**holes.
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    I loved it when the Harley Davidson folks were showing up and running interference for the soldier's families. Definitely showing their patriot side.