i got a job offer from UPS pls advise what to do

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by makvisions, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. makvisions

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    i got an offer from UPS Corporate office as an administrative Assistant, the pay is not great it starts at 13.00 /hr but they say they will increase it soon depending upon my performance.

    i have a university degree..

    my attraction for this job is the scale of company is offering a growth opportunities. have any of you guys got growth opportunties from such position or have u seen one doing so

    hope to hear from you guys

  2. Fnix

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    tell the hourlies that start at $8.50 thats 13 isnt alot
  3. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    My advice is to run far far away.....unless you enjoy being transfered every 5 years if you end up taking a management position.
  4. tups

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    And run as fast as you can.!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bozo Bob

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    I seriously doubt there are going to be any "growth" opportunities at Corporate. Other than growth in the amount of work they want you to do for crappy annual pay increases.
  6. paidslave

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    Hi, you didn't share what you you majored for your University Degree. If you are as intellegent as you are, I believe you would know the answer.

    Unless you are majored in Accounting or other Professional Education I believe you will end up Driving a Brown Truck and helping UPS's bottom line delivering boxes some day because that is what we do!

    Good Luck!
  7. helenofcalifornia

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    Yeah, I agree with above posts. Unless you want to drive, I would look for a job someplace else. I don't know what opportunity would be there for you unless you really promoted yourself.
  8. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Take the job and if you don't like it quit.
    Seems to me to be the standard mind set of new grads going into the corporate world.
    The last info I read stated that a college grad will change jobs seven times in their career before they reach retirement age.
    I am a baby boomer, so, I grew up with the concept of "get a good job and stay with it" mind set.
    OK, now that I got my prejudice out of the way.
    The real question is what you want to do with your life.
    If you want to chase money, you will probably get it.
    If you follow your passion in life, the money will follow.
    All the best of luck in your choice.
  9. paidslave

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    "If you follow your passion in life, the money will follow."

    and if money doesn't follow your passion you will be broke!

    I don't beleive that money will follow your passion only if you are lucky. If it did most of us wouldn't need money to survive unless your parents pay for your bills!


    Ask any drivers, we all have/had passions and the only one that pays the bills is our check! Wisdom knows this is the fastest way to Chapter 11!

    Huge fallacy! Chase your dreams and don't worry about who pays for it? Sorry sattelite

    Sorry for the hard truth!

    (Knowledge is knowing what your passion is!
    Honesty is knowing who pays the bills!

    Borrowed this from my logic and my heart!)

    If you enjoy what you do there is a good chance it doesn't pay very good....this line is from me too!
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  10. tieguy

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    I think you will find it a rewarding and challenging position. I think you will find that you are given as much responsibility as you can handle. I think hard work and dedication will create the opportunities you seek.

    You won't really know unless you at least test the waters.

    Good luck.
  11. tieguy

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    Couldn't you find a better expression?
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  12. brazenbrown

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    What a great opportunity! You have your foot in the door of a large international Corporation and you already have your degree.:wink2:

    There is no limit to what you can do at UPS, UPS has engineers, accountants, sales people and just about every imaginable job there is.

    In my opinion get a feel for it and if you like it don't be shy, otherwise take this experience and move on to something else.

    By the way what is your degree in?

    Good luck!:cheers:
  13. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    The hard truth is that you will always be a check casher and just paying bills, if that is your attitude.
    Dreams are one thing, but the passion and drive to fulfill them are another.
    When you state,
    "Huge fallacy! Chase your dreams and don't worry about who pays for it?"
    you could not be farther from my meaning.
    Striving towards a personal goal can become a tremendous financial hurdle to jump.
    There are many stories I could tell from personal experience and of those around me to prove my point about following ones passion, but with your attitude there is little point in my doing so.
    Keep cashing the check you are paid,slave.
  14. paidslave

    paidslave New Member

    I get direct deposit so I don't have to cash my checks. Works out great and my bils are paid! My only point here is from this post, ie: college grad gives very litte information other than should I take this job!

    Unless you TRULEY know what your passion is without question and to be paid for your passion, is very difficult to achieve and maintain, but not possible....I have many many many passions but few pay little doing it!

    I am sure you're very passionate about being a moderator. I just wonder how much that pays$! Enjoy cashing your check too and don't spend it all at one time! Like my father said "Save some for a rainy day"

    I have the same values. Find a good job and stay at it! What is wrong with that?
  15. retired

    retired Guest

    Any job offer is an opportunity which you should consider and compare to any other opportunities available to you. There are many different factors to consider. Don't take the information you are getting here very seriously.

    Many of the responses in this discussion are made by disgruntled employees with an ax to grind. Some do have good reasons for their poor attitudes. This swarm of negativity from people that have no management experience happens whenever management topics come up.

    I seriously doubt that most package car drivers have any experience or knowledge of what advancement opportunities are available in a corporate office job. They're just trying to get back at their supervisor by making demeaning comments about anyone that has chosen a different career path than they did.
  16. Dutch Dawg

    Dutch Dawg Active Member

    To a limited extent I agree with you in your post. As it seems to me most hourly employees are isolated from the corporate structure and many of the ties are isolated from the real world of hourlies.

    Being just another peon in brown, most of the ties I encounter in the world of UPS are more 'rocks caught in between a hard place with college degrees' than true corporate echelon. That said...I've not encountered a happy soul amongst them recently. Have you?
  17. retired

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    Yes, I personally do know some UPS ties that are satisfied with their career choices. I also know some that are unhappy. I personally know some package car drivers that are satisfies with their career choices. I see many here that are not. No one has ever had a job that is perfect.

    Tie wearers will face frustrating situations every day, people they don't like, goals that will be impossible to meet, bosses that are bullies, meetings that are boring.

    Package car drivers will face frustrating situations every day, people they don't like, goals that will be impossible to meet, bosses that are bullies, pcms that are boring.

    Your job is what you make it, attitude is everything.