i got terminated today

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  1. elrey6186

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    i work the mt vernon pre-load and have worked there for 5 years i was told today that i was terminated due to sabotage, according to two fulltime sup's i purposely sorted 60+ packages that were supposed to go to the red belt on to the orange belt which goes to the yonkers slide. they say that this is direct sabotage and that i am terminated, my shop steward told them that the could not do this but i was still sent home and now have to wait to speak to my B/A does it look like i am out of a job?
  2. iamupser

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    If you can't get your job back for making an honest mistake, why do you pay dues?
  3. elrey6186

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    good question.... but what do you think will happen
  4. barnyard

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    If your BA is with the program at all, you should be able to get your job back. If the termination should have been a suspension, you can also file a grievance for back pay if/when you get your job back.
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    Don't wait on the BA call that union hall raise holly sh**. You pay dues call and file right now. UPS has to show you did this action. It is just another super sup try to show they have stronger pi** then the other.
  6. raceanoncr

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    Yes, totally! And always remember: There are two types of grievances and two types of proof.

    1. If there has been a contract violation, we/you file a grievance. We/union have to prove there was a violation.

    2. If there has been discipline, as in this case, we/you file a grievance. THEY/COMPANY then have to PROVE there was a violation.

    In this case, the company TOTALLY and WITHOUT QUESTION have to prove what you did was intentional.

    Go for it and don't delay!
  7. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Have you been disciplined before for misloads?
  8. steward71

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    even if she or she has been disciplined this is still agaisnt the agreement. when i have filed for the types of things for people. i always define the two 1. misort is done by a sorter and misloads done by a loader. this is action is agaisnt Art. 7 which allows for working termination not a walking termination. Even if you have been disciplined for misorts before like a warning then 3 day then 5 day it will still be a working termination and the company will have to prove you did this with intent. File under Art. 7 and any all Art. that may apply. FILE THIS GRIEVANCE NOW DO NOT WAIT. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND DO WHAT YOU MEAN.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Am I the only who noticed that the OP never denied doing what he was accused of? If it was indeed willful then I support the termination.
  10. kingOFchester

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    How do you miss-sort 60+ packages when you have worked for UPS for 5 years? Just asking.
  11. UnsurePost

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    It's easy and happened to me about 5 years ago. I was a pickoff, took over for someone who was leaving, and they did not tell me about the "sort change". ...

    management was furious and they had me go grab all 100 or so packages missorted, but it was their fault for not telling me there had been a change.
  12. quietquilter

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    What is your discipline history?
  13. quietquilter

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    And you didnt get fired
  14. kingOFchester

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    Ahhh, got it.
  15. packageguy

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    I think you have a good shot, pending what your past history is, If you are not a problem to them in the past they will use you as an example. To scare the other preloads to do the right thing. Good luck let us know what happens.
  16. whiskey

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    Great second post. Welcome to brown cafe.
  17. elrey6186

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    i dont have a history of mis sorts @ all im just not liked because i go by the book ie/ speak up about supervisors working and unsafe work conditions. i couldnt even go into the building today because they said im treminated, i had to speak to my b/a outside of the bldg as well as the labor manager. these people are really trying to get me out of there what im saying is how can they prove that what happend was not a simple mistake and done intentionally no matter how many mis sorts there are. and yes it was not done on purpose, it sounds like my b/a isnt really putting up much of fight or making much noise he just kept saying wait and see and there gonna pay you while your out. im more worried about continuing to be paid and keeping my job
  18. Just Numbers

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    I see nothing in the post about this being a mistake.
  19. elrey6186

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    thats your opinion
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You never denied what you were terminated for.