I got the blues


I wrote a new blues song, Please feel free to add a line or two.
Hey SD...I picture a honkin dulcimer solo after the second line :happy2:

theres a new kinda blues thats goin 'round
and its happenin' on the streets in your home town
its the ups man thats feelin down,
and he feels it every time he puts on those browns
hes got brownish blues
yea the brownish blues
at ups you just never stop paying your dues
and you end up feelin' the brownish blues

the management team is breathing down my neck
cuz I aint doin' enough to earn my cheque
my on car sup always gives me heck
by the end of the week,Im just a nervous wreck
I got the brownish blues
yea the brownish blues
I think it every morning when I shine my shoes
will I ever get over those brownish blues

they come up with these numbers,that just dont jive
they want 12 hours work done in under nine five
I stumble home each night ,barely alive
hows a upser supposed to survive
I got the brownish blues
the pullman brownish blues
Im not amused,being so abused
I got the brownish blues


Staff member
the only thing that saves me is the BrownCafe
I head in there after work each day
It really helps hangin' with my buds
goes well with that glass o suds
we've all got the brownish blues
yea the brownish blues


Replace coal mine with UPS and you've got the perfect working man blues song.

Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons (MV)

Luckily, my soul doesn't come at that price.