I guess the shareholders are gonna take a hit!

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    Male UPS Worker Called Out Sexism At Work, Awarded $500,000 - Careers Articles

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    That's awesome.
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    No need for the share holders to take a hit: they can just cut some more routes.
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    We can't stay out any later than we are now. Lol
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    I hope the binoculars in the background are used for bird watching and not used to be a peeping Tom.
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    I'm certain UPS is insured against large judgments.
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    That is a terrible picture.
    The photographer should have exposed for the outside and used flash to light up Michael.

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    We had a driver file a sexual discrimination grievance. Still waiting to see how that one shakes out.
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    The all powerful UPS just added 4 hours to a day. Effective August 1st, a day will be 27 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds long. To make things worse, an hour will be lengthened to 75 minutes.
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    If they could they honestly would.
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    500,000 to ups is like 10 dollars to us , they spend way more on stuff that doesnt do anything
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    ​More like 50 cent.
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    His manager was speaking on the importance of staying hydrated, having "nice jugs". Clearly a misunderstanding.