I hate shippers that lie...............

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  1. dilligaf

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    ...................about their p/u volume on an ODS p/u.


    Today was shaping up to be a decent day. I am on my favorite rural rte this week. I was looking at about 90 stops today and I could kinda sorta walk through my truck. All in all not a bad day. Then I got the ODS p/u before I even left the building. I took it to my sup because it looked like it was 20 pcs and they needed gsd labels. He checked, the pkgs were labeled and ready to go. I am in a 500 and don't have alot of room to spare, but I did have some room today so I went out there in the am. This customer is a BFE del in the morning, so I have had no chance what so ever to get many deliveries done.

    I get the 20 pcs picked up and just as I was getting ready to leave a guy shows up and says "oh BTW, I forgot, I have these over here." By the time I got done I ended up with 32 pcs, the back end of by truck was stuffed and all of my deliveries were shoved up to the front door. I was :censored2:! He said, 'you can come back tomorrow'. I DON'T THINK SO. All of this could have easily been avoided if the caller had not lied about their pcs to be picked up. I could have broke off and gone out there in the afternoon instead of picking them up in the morning. I would not have been as convient as it was in the morning, and that was far from convient, but I would not have had to dig deliveries out all day. Why do people think that they are our only customer? I wasted at least 30 mins there this morning, probably closer to 45. I had to go in and rearrange everything so I could get the rest of their **** in my truck. I can't believe how inconsiderate people are. Ok off :soapbox: now

    Have any of you guys come up with ways of getting ods shippers to stop doing this?
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    Its a rare situation for me, I have had it happen that way though. Its usually just a misunderstanding of how ups does things though.

    What I would do is just to let them know that ups dispatches a vehicle based on their original pkg count, and that if it turns out that they have more we need an updated count called in so they don't have to send a second pkg car and charge an adittional fee.

    If you make it sound like its in their best interest, you will get farther I have found. The last thing you want is for them to think it's a pain in the ass, even if its true.
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    OMS's in my center have lied in the past about ODS (occasional p/ups) accts to cover thier asses from the division mgr. True story Monday AM CTM knows they need 2 extra cars to help with PM pick-ups. Dont want ot run the 2cars. ODS acct calls in the AM 90 pkgs for pick-up ready at such and such time. Driver shows up-their are 90pkgs , but OMS txt'd driver thier would be 40 pkgs. They knew he could not fit all his pick-ups in a 700 but let'im fly blind anyways.

    Yeah its just one example acct that this happened to but they did it to afew pick-ups to make it looklike center team mgmnt had everything in hand for PM when they just hoped the drivers would just magically contain the buttloads of P/up volume for the day.

    I agree that shippers do lie but if you start ur wall from the safe point at which to deliver you could say ur cubed out and cant get anymore in.
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    Good post and I agree with it except, technically, the underlined is not correct in regards to an additional charge. The UPS Service Guide and our tariff says that a customer can "hand" a UPS driver any # of packages with or without a scheduled or on-demand pickup.
    The count in ODS is used for dispatching purposes but in no way limits the number of packages a customer can give to the driver once they arrive.
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    True that a customer can simply give prepaid packages to any driver without an extra charge, but in this case, the customer used ground shipping documents (GSD) so they really paid extra.

    A $5.00 per-package manual processing service fee applies whenever a shipping document is used for UPS 3 Day Select and UPS Ground. This customer paid $160 for processing 32 pieces with GSD's, in addition to the normal shipping charges.

    I understand the frustration and problem caused by more packages than planned, limited space in the truck and the extra time it took, but please remember why UPS is in business - to service customers.

    I'd recommend to the customer that in the future, they do the following:
    1. Go to ups.com and set up an account.
    2. Process the packages online--that will save them the $5.00 per package GSD charge.
    3. Schedule their pickup on ups.com. They will have to enter the number of packages they are shipping so there will be an accurate count for the driver.
    4. Customer can enter their preferred pickup time. Once you let them know that an afternoon pickup works out better for you (any why) if they have more than 10-15 packages to ship, they will likely work with you and schedule in the afternoon.
    5. They can also locate drop off spots nearby so they may simply drop off at a The UPS Store location or authorized shipping outlet.

    Customer gets a better shipping rate, driver gets an accurate package count and UPS gets PLD on these packages. An all around win for all involved.
  6. trplnkl

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    This attitude is not unique to UPS customers, it's the way the public thinks.ME ME ME ME.....
  7. MC4YOU2

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    I agree with your asessment of my statement but, let's say an ods comes in for say 1 pkg. Its last stop, truck is bricked, 8 pm and curfew looms. Customer actually has 50 pcs. No way to contain today.
    Do we
    1. Dispatch a second car for n/c?
    2. Reschedule for following day and charge an add fee?
    3. Go unload and return, but miss feeder anyway with the extra volume?
    Extreme case I know, just playing it through.
  8. over9five

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    If the customer called on time for same day p/u, I think we should send an empty car. Whoever is standing in the center ready to punch out is sent out. As long as they haven't punched out, they WAD.
    If they're air, the driver then meets an air driver before he scoots to the airport.
  9. rod

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    When I was working if you were forced back out you took your own sweet time.:wink2: Many were asked but very few were forced.
  10. bumped

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    I would have just said that you would be back later to pick them up, because you would not be able to fit them all in with your deliveries. Then, pick them up in the PM as you would have if you had known how many there were.
  11. NHDRVR

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    When it does happen I politely (firmly) explain why it is not a good practice. People are usually receptive...
  12. brownmonster

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    Good answer. Why dig thru the crap all day.
  13. DorkHead

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    I had this happen to me yesterday. 12 large 45lb pkgs at my first residential stop. My truck was packed to the *****. Told him I would be back in the evening on the way back through. No problem
  14. Monkey Butt

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    #2 - Additional Charge is not right. It's our problem.

    I would send back to ODS dispatcher and have them deal with it. That's their job to deal with it ... not yours. Probably #1 as you outlined.

    Pickup is not a guaranteed service ... we just do the best we can.
  15. UPSGUY72

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    Did we forget what we do for a living? If it wasn't for the people shipping the packages to thier customers we wouldn't have a job.
  16. dilligaf

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    Thanks Hoax. I did not know this. It is frustrating though to get stuck in a position like I was. I had no choice but to take the extra even though I really didn't have room for it.
  17. dilligaf

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    That pretty much goes without saying, however, they are not the only customer. I had 90 yesterday and they all wanted there pkgs in a timely manner. Dealing with this inconsiderate shipper put me behind.
  18. dilligaf

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    That's an understatement.
  19. dilligaf

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    Ideally this would have been the best thing to do for an in-town rte. This occurred on a rural rte and making 2 trips to this customer was not an ideal option. This customer is a shag del. They rarely ship anything out. Knowing ahead of time for this customer is important.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    I agree.

    It really seems to be the way everyone looks at the world (probably has always been like this).

    From what I've seen here on BC (including myself), this attitude is not just for those outside of UPS. I think this has changed within UPS over the last 15 or so years at UPS, primarily because the company has changed. I hesiotate to personify a company but if we do personify UPS, most people would say that UPS's attitude has changed to where it is ME ME ME ME.....

    I guess the question is which came first? Is UPS the chicken or the egg?