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    Yesterday, a crew member of mine had to have a meeting with security pertaining to an item that was missing from a package that was loaded on Monday. She told me about the meeting and about them questioning her. She said they asked her if there was anyone on the crew whom she thought would steal anything and she said they also asked her if there was anyone on the crew that she trusted. She told them that I was the only one she trusted and they wrote my name down. I have a feeling that I will be questioned about this today, although I could be wrong. I'm okay with the fact that she trusts me...what I'm thinking is that since she told them she trusts me, security may think that she and I are in cahoots together and that I might know something about the item or items missing from the package. I wasn't anywhere near her during the load process of the first can and she was the only one in the belly at the time. Do I need a union guy with me if it possible that they question me? Have any of you ever encountered a situation like this?
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    If Loss Prevention is on it nobody is safe. After seeing the title of this thread I though we were going to have to listen to those awful Blackeyed Peas again.
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    The company will use tactics to entrap and also admit things without you even knowing- they are trained to do this! Always have a steward with you in every meeting, especially something that could cost you or someone you know their job. If this person didn't do anything, you do not want to say somnething that could lead the company to believe they DID do it.

    Since you know nothing, if I were you I'd deny everything or any involvement and not say a word about anything including when they ask you about personal feelings or "trusting" regarding fellow union members.
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    Make sure you take a steward and don't answer any questions directly. I was in a similar situation. My boyfrien has medicine delivered every 2 weeks. Medicine is worth $22,000.00. Normal procedure in my building was for driver of area I live in to sheet package and I would take home with me when done working(was working preload and delivering air). Had to deliver that day after sort, so package was left in DA(where I worked at time on preload sort). Cameras caught all of this. Cameras see me leave without package. Where package goes from there, security isn't sure. Was dispatched for lane 4. Not typical area. Typical was lane 8. Lane 4 was Joe Blow, for the sake of post, and Joe has had a ton of tracers, lately. When I came back from delivering, package was gone. Looked around and no one knew where it went. Figured it would show up, and was arguing with boyfriend at time, so wasn't top of my list. This was Tuesday. Wednesday- no package. Thursday- tracer set up. Following Tuesday, Joe Blow is taken upstairs with security. I said to a co-workere that Joe has had a lot of tracers lately, wonder if he had something to do with it. Sup that hates me and I hate overheard. She likes Joe. Upstairs she goes to security to tell them how I hate my boyfriend and I am running my mouth about Joe, so it must be me that took it. Next day, upstairs I go. I should have had the guy arrested for the way he talked to me. center manager went and found steward to come and sit in because of how bad it sounded through door. I was walked out that day and told not to report again until I hear from UPS. Long story shortened, Joe Blow was under so much stress that he was pitching packages into the woods, hence all the tracers. Joe had to repay UPS. I was out of work for 2 weeks. Got back pay, but still. Video clearly showed I never touched package, as my center manager later told me. No one in building ever thought I did it. 2nd security guy in meeting with me, who was a previous sup, transferred out of security within 2 weeks.

    Security are a bunch of thugs. Nothing more. Be careful. I would not utter one extra word, other than name-rank-id and didn't touch it. I wish you the best. Keep me informed.:wink2:

    P.S, If it wasn't for a hunter on Ransom Rd., I wouldn't have got my job back. Security was going to hang it on me.
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    I will request a steward...
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    Well I wasn't even in the area at that time...not until the second can showed up and seen that they needed help loading it...3 of us joined in loading that second can up in the belly and that's all I know :) ...I called the union hall and told them about the possiblity of them questioning me since I was told that my name had been written down. He told me to absolutely request a steward. Man I sure don't like stuff like this and I may just be over reacting about what could happen...just want to be prepared before-hand though...
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    I am very glad you posted this and that we were able to help you. I wish I had been a member of BC when my -I don't even know what to call it- went down. It was so surreal. I knew I didn't do it. But, nobody seemed to care. Those were two of the longest weeks of my life. I didn't want another key to the building after that!! LOL!!

    I don't think anything will come of it as far as you are concerned, but a girl should ALWAYS be prepared! Don't worry too much about it or they will read something into that, too. Just breathe and remember that you didn't do anything wrong. And wear light clothes, if your "office" is anything like mine is. Small and heats up very easily when two or three people fill it up. Please keep us informed!!

    P.S. When you get out write down EVERYTHING YOU REMEMBER about the meeting, who was there wearing what and said what. Take a recoding device if possible. I don't care if its not allowed. Harassing employees isn't allowed, yet they still do it. Being at a Gateway, that could be hard. Don't get caught with it and don't do it if you think you will. I wish I had, I know that.
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    I won't beat the hell out of it anymore...LOL...and thank so much for the advice :) ...the lady didn't even ask for representation for this...and it's reasons like this is why she pays union dues...Thanks again...I'll keep ya informed...have a good day and be safe out there!!
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    Listen, Ramp, other posters are right. Get steward right away. You're right in calling BA and his advice too.

    Remember, the company will try to coerce a confession outta you just like on TV. You ain't done nuttin wrong, you ain't got nuttin to worry bout.

    Also remember, if your steward doesn't or hasn't gone to steward school yet, there are two types of grievances:

    One, where the contract has been violated. We, the union, have to PROVE the violation, beyond doubt.

    Two, where there is discipline or potential discipline involved, the COMPANY must prove violation, again, beyond doubt.

    In this case, is there anything to PROVE a violation with you? It doesn't sound like it but make em prove EVERYTHING, if it comes to this.

    Good luck.
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    Weingarten Rules of Supreme Court ruling in 1975:
    Read this statement to management:
    If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union respresentative, or officer or steward be present at this meeting. Until my representatiion arrives, I choose not to participite int his discussion.

    Basic quidelines covering the Use of Wiengarten:
    1. You must ask for Union steward to be there.
    2. Your employer is not under duty to tell you your rights.
    3. You must make a clear request for union representation before or durning the interview. You can't be punished for asking.
    4. The employer must either grant the request and delay the questiioning unitl the union person arrives, deny the request and end the interview at once or give the worker the chioce of going ahead without the representation or ending the interview now.
    5. An employer who denies the worker's request and continues to ask questions is committing unfair labor practice (ULP). The worker can then legally refuse to answer questions in such circumstances.
    If the supervior or (Super Sup) obey's the law and waits the following rules apply:
    1. Once the steward arrives the supervisor must inform him or her about the subject matter, type of misconduct under discussion.
    2. The steward and worker can talk privately before questioning.
    3. The steward can speak durning the interview and if neccssary ask that questions be clarified. The steward cannot bargain over the purpose of the interview.
    4. The steward can advise the worker on how to answer any or all questions, can object to improper questioning, the right once the questioning is ended to provide additional information.

    Be careful that you don't give Weingarten more power than it has. It does not extend to meetings where no questioning is involved but rather just one-way communication from the supervisor to the worker or discussion about the job performance. Unless you are under threat of discipline or you feel it may lead to discipline.

    Remember that workers do have the right to call Weingarten into play if they have any reasonable expectations that
    disciplinary action MAY be taken. The Key here is MAY!
    If you have the slightest concern about discipline you are the one who brings Weingarten into play. Don't fall for the games they play.
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    An employee's Weingarten Rights are also guaranteed by Contract Article 4 . . .

    . . . Recognizing the importance of the role of the Union Steward in resolving problems or disputes between the Employer and its employees, the Employer reaffirms its commitment to the active involvement of union stewards in such processes in accordance with the terms of this Article. . . .

    . . . The Employer recognizes the employee’s right to be given requested representation by a Steward, or the designated alternate, at such time as the employee reasonably contemplates disciplinary action. The Employer also recognizes the steward’s right to be given requested representation by another Steward, or the designated alternate, at such time as the Steward reasonably contemplates disciplinary action. When requested by the Union or the employee, there shall be a steward present whenever the Employer meets with an employee concerning grievances or discipline or investigatory interviews. In such cases, the meeting shall not be continued until the steward or alternate steward is present. . . .
    - - - -

    After the investigative interviews are over, the other shoe may fall. If UPS asks if you "wouldn't mind" taking a lie detector test, be advised:

    No applicant for employment and no employee will be required to take any form of a lie detector test as a condition of employment.
    - - - -

    Back in the day when our building's mailbag contained thousands of dollars in COD money, and was often left just lying around, our bag was stolen. Several employees were given a polygraph examination. The polygraph equiptment gave one feeder guy a pinched nerve, so he was out on Workers Comp for over a year.
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    Wow, rampgirl, what an unfortunate mess. Never been in such a situation but pretty much know what I'd say. I trust no one here but myself. I don't know anything about your missing package or what anyone may have done with it.

    Also agree with having the union rep present. However, don't totally trust him/her either.

    Sucks, doesn't it? Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    Lie detector info cannot be used in court at all and you should never to agree to one. The reason I did place this last post is most in general not know they can stop the interview and not say a thing. As to the lie detector info I my be wrong but I think they can be used in civil cases. So be very careful about falling for the BS game the Super Sups play. Know your rights and tell them to play with that game. If not leave the me the hell alone. The only thing will say is we don't use the rights given to us then we will not have them anymore, stand up and never give or let up or back down. If you back down then they smell the fear and will F*** you over. Keep the story short and never change the story. If you know the truth and they lie it will come back to take a one out of super sup's a**.
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    When my "incident" went down, the troopers were involved. They requested I take a lie-detector. I spoke with my Dad about it and he adamantly and vehemently opposed my involvement in any lie detector tests. He is buddies with some guys from BCI and they have had many discussions in the bar about this exact subject. The guys from BCI wouldn't allow their own kids to take one. Their was no way I was going to according to my Dad, so, I didn't. Troopers had no case, they wanted me to make it for them by being nervous on the test and flubbing something stupid. NEVER TAKE A LIE DETECTOR. IT IS A TRAP.
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    This is what makes this forum great, enough said.
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    Well I didn't get questioned and as far as I know, nothing else has come from it. I guess maybe I got all worked up over nothing but wanted to be prepared as to what I needed to do beforehand. You just never know these days and someone could easily throw someone under the bus without realizing what they've done. Thanks for the advice :)
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    Being nervous anyway would flub it up...why put yourself through that???
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    Still be very careful. Sometimes they have been know to rock the tree to see what falls and if anyone will run off at the lips. Then come back to the issue a few days later with rumor mill junk to try and bite you.
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    I would like to apologize for the many errors that are in this post, I typed this through my phone's internet and unfortunately as you can see it didn't work very well. Thank you to all those that responded. I promise I am not a 5 year old idiot, just an old woman trying to use a phone :)