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    Can anyone point me in the right direction of where I would find the UPS contract? (I signed last july)

    My questions in short, do you get a raise when you hit your 1 year mark, or do you just get benefits?

    Does anyone know what could keep you from becoming a part-time supervisor? (apparently my background check didn't appeal to HR)

    One more thing, are managers required to know how to lie to your face? because I feel like thats all that has been done to me. I put my bid in April to be a p/t sup, heard nothing for a month, talked to a F/T sup, (not the sort manager) FT told me to put in another paper because he never saw my first bid. A day or two later the sort manager said I didn't have to do that, but I really think he was covering his own ass. Another month goes by and I finally take a pass the test. I heard nothing for about two weeks, then told they were waiting on background check, that same day I was offered a position at a different hub, but apparently they were still waiting for my background check? Two weeks later after manager gets back from vacation, he says there are issues with my background, but I have no convictions, no theft, no violence on my record. What do I do? I've been told by other pt sups I'm being lied to and they only hire who they want to hire. Can anyone help answer my concerns thanks.

    Fellow employee
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    ask for a copy of the background check
  3. DS

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    If you have no record,you should be good to go.
    I sense you feel an entitlement in your quest for advancement.
    The fact is,you will have to deal with several uninformed self centered morons
    along the way.If you can curb your attitude and approach it in a positive way,
    you may achieve your goal.Good luck and welcome to the cafe.
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    1) Sounds like you have a bit of an attitude. You have to evaluate that honestly - if you can't change, you need to stay hourly and Union.

    2) Background check includes previous employers - based on your post here, I could see some possible issues there.

    3) UPS does only hire who they want to hire.

    4) Look in the mirror

    Ask politely if the manager can disclose to you why they are concerned with your background check. They probably will not but it does not hurt to ask.

    Be polite but assertive with the sort manager that you are interested and that you want the job and that you will be an asset to his/her team.
    And if you get promoted, deliver on the above. He/she does not need another problem child ... they already plenty of those.
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    Thank you for the feedback, the link to the contract, and I am glad to be here.
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    Make an appearance at a Union meeting once in a while. They should have a copy of the contract.