I hope you Christmas gift wasn't due on Friday

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    I am a part time PM pickup driver.I come into work today and see an 18 Wheeler loaded with packages that were all due today but will not be delivered.We just couldn't handle the volume this year.So later on i see my brother who also works for Fedex in the city and he tells me that the airport had 10 trailers of freight that didn't make it.Wow Fedex really dropped the ball this year.Thousands and thousands of packages didn't make it.People must be :censored2: because these are all Christmas gifts.I know this because i helped offload the trailer.
  2. Cactus

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    It's a wonder this company gets the repeat business it does.
  3. MrFedEx

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    Hey, LT FedExer...maybe you should read this. Like I said, your station is probably the exception to the rule. FedEx did blow-it. Big time.
  4. LTFedExer

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    I read it. Sorry I can't feed your hatred for FedEx. But, we didn't see it. We received all our freight and DELIVERED 90%. The other 10% being DEX 3's and 8's.
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    I love the people, but dislike the company. Why? Because they LIE, about nearly everything. It ticks me off that customers who pay huge money for our services don't get what they're promised. It also bothers me that FedEx pretends that they care for their employees, when the exact opposite is the truth. The company did an extremely poor job of planning this peak, and the results of that ineptitude are quite evident today. They went cheap, instead of preparing for the worst case scenario, and got burned.

    A few weeks from now, when January Frontline and Upclose come out, management will be patting themselves on the back for doing such a wonderful job, when, in fact, they effed it up badly. No runners, not enough equipment, and some very bad decisions. One local manager just decided that one city would get delivered and another would not, rather than spreading the pain around. Guess who's working today, and will probably be sitting in the MD's office next week?
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    The big problem is when FedEx messes up who has to deal with it not the big wigs sitting behind their desks and not the management. It always comes down to the drivers. Wait til next week when we are delivering little johnny's Xmas present who wil get yelled at us. I dont get paid enough to get yelled at, I dont get paid enough to do managements job and explain why their Xmas presents are late. It will always come down to the frontline employees to our customers we are FedEx so we are the ones who get to deal with it. I am personally handing out every managers and my Contractors phone number so they can call and yell at them Lord knows they dont have a problem handing out mine so why not return the favor.
  7. Mr. 7

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    I started rolling frt. Weds night. The last three days of the week I was making my fist del. between 1055 and 1120 and I'm only 5 mins. from the sta. no stem time.
    Weds=30 dex 1
    Thurs=60 dex 1
    Friday I went out with 190 del stops. I warned disp. I was looking at rolling 100 stops. I got 100 off, gave 50 to another guy late in the afternoon, and another 40 to another guy once I dropped at the sta. around 1600.

    I think everything got del'd by Friday night but, it was a tough week. I totally agree that X effed up big time.
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    So you were off by 16:00 after not getting on the road until around 11? Did you start at 4:00 and have a 7 hour sort? Sorry, but that doesn't sound like too hard of a day to me. Why didn't you leave some of those stops at the station for an overflow driver to begin with? You wouldn't have had to waste time meeting up later on in the day, and you ended up bringing 40 of them back anyhow. I was out delivering until 20:00 Weds and Thurs to help my couriers out. We had to roll some stuff on Weds and Thurs, but got everything delivered by 17:00 on Friday that needed to be. Did you stay out delivering as late as you could or did you just decide that 16:00-17:00 was late enough and call it a day? Not trying to be jerk, but it sounds more like the problem was with the local plan and lack of communication than with X.
  9. MrFedEx

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    I noticed that you have no comment on the overall planning fiasco at Express this Peak. We were rolling at least 2 AMJ's of P1 every day during the last week. Why? Late freight, no runners, not enough working PowerPads, and lack of communication from the ramp. I heard that MT3 had mandated numerous stations to deliver pkgs Christmas Day, because there were so many Code 01's throughout the system. In other words, this wasn't an isolated problem. I'm sure everything went smoothly at many locations, but it's clear that it was anything but smooth at lots of other stations.

    The volume was grossly under-estimated, there were few to no contingencies in terms of cartage agents or runners, and a lot of locations had equipment issues. That doesn't sound like an effective Peak Plan to me.
  10. mungrin

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    Well our Friday freight which was supposed to be delivered today wont be because of the blizzard.Thousands of Christmas packages being delivered 4 or 5 days late because of poor planning,
  11. Mr. 7

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    We would have normally started around 8:00. The last three days we started at 8:30 knowing we would be waiting for late frt. Sort would take up to 2.5 hrs. with waiting for late frt.

    No such hlp avail. Our sta. management knew we were going into peak at least 4 part time drivers short. No cartage agents, nothing.

    My route is a stone's throw from the sta. (see the stem time I mentioned) Having any avail. driver meet me in my area is a piece of cake. I did not bring back 40 dex 1. I gave 40 stops to a second driver while I was at the sta. He took them and I went back out with about 40.

    Me too. I stayed out as late as they would let me. Knocked on 12 hrs. each night.

    Basically the same with me.

    As late as they'd let me.

    No worries, I appreciate having an ops manager's opinion on this board.

    10-4 I think I mis-used the term "X", I was referring to my local station but, the station's shortfalls (not hiring help beforehand) was directed from Corp.
  12. Cactus

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    No big surprise there.

    Fred's just too cheap.
  13. MrFedEx

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    Sometimes saving that penny actually costs you more. The Peak cluster is a perfect example. Lots of capable employees leaving will be the next as the economy improves and real jobs become available.


    You know it's sad and a bad peak when you leave at 0500 to pick up the FO pkgs at the ramp, return at around 0645, leave out again on EXTENDED FO's and 5 stops there that are nowhere near each other, get back at 1100 and the rest of the station was still SORTING...this was my week. Love the hours, but when you deliver in 7 different areas and keep getting told "You don't need a new Mapsco", it really starts to wear you thin.
  15. FedEx2000

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    You just said that it won't be delivered b/c of the blizzard....and in the same post blame it on poor planning?
  16. FedEx2000

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    I don't have anything to do with the "Overall Planning Fiasco", so no, I won't comment on that b/c that was not what I experienced. Was everything perfect? No. We had late freight issues as well, but you can only plan for that to a point...start sorts later, bring help in earlier if available, start sort earlier on days with good arrivals, etc. We had plenty of rentals, all but 3 of our PT PM'ers VOLUNTEERED to come in early and help deliver in their PM areas, and we used our AM handlers as runners, at least the ones who wanted to do it.

    The only freight we rolled were 3 AKE's that came in at 13:00 on the 22nd...that was only b/c we were already blown out that day as was everyone else. We did break them down and get the perishable stuff OFD though.

    I don't know of any stations around here that were mandated to work on Christmas Day, we had the front counter open for 4 hours like most, but that's it....one mgr and one handler that volunteered. Do you have any actual proof of this, or at least a station ID? Easy enough to look in COSMOS and see if/how many POD's that station did that day if so.

    Sorry yours didn't go well, but it sounds to me like it's your local mgmt team that dropped the ball....again.
  17. FedEx2000

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    Thanks for the clarification....sorry your peak didn't go well. I'm not going to argue the point about hiring, probably one of the biggest pains as a mgr having to justify needing the replacement anytime someone quits/retires/transfers.
  18. MrFedEx

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    There were widespread problems, many of which were due to weather. Most had more to do with poor planning, and a emphasis on saving money over providing service.
  19. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    And the saving money just kicked into high gear tonight. Tomorrow, we're starting 30 mins later, why? Do we expect late frt.? No, it's to trim the budget. Even our Sr. was questioning a water leak in the break room sink because our sta.'s water bill seems a bit high. Here we go.
  20. MrFedEx

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    Yep. Anything we get in terms of raises will likely be taken away through reduced hours, more attempts to increase "productivity" (via falsification), and the Same Old S morphed into something new that really isn't. Now that Fred has had his way with Congress, there really isn't anything standing in the way any longer. More OLCC's, more pressure, and more games like tinkering with the start times to save money (and remove it from your pocket).