I know that I'm going to get fired, no matter what I do. What should I do?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Andre Lamar, May 4, 2013.

  1. Andre Lamar

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    Hey I'm back again. It's really getting out of hand now. This man hates me for no apparent reason, I don't know why. I don't know if it's because I accidentally wore a purple shirt to work and he thought it was brown (brown is forbidden unless you're a sup) and now he is punishing me for it. Or it could be for other reasons I have no clue about. There are a lot of supervisors there, one of them (female) always tells me that I'm doing a great job. But the others always find fault in my work. Ok here it goes. I don't even care if you're reading this, do what you need to do. On X day I accidentally sent a package a little too big onto the belt (my first time), it was my mistake, they had me going so fast that sometimes I don't even notice whether or not I'm putting the right package onto the belt. I put just one big package on the belt and he sent me home the other day for it. He made it seems like I was putting a lot of too big packages onto the belt when he told me. Shortly before that, he had a meeting with everyone, and said he had 22 people and he only need 16. I know that I have to be one of them going home. I although I'm the best worker there out of all the new people, honestly. He said to come back on Monday. I know that he's trying to use me and fire me before I make the union. I think it's best for me to quit right now with a bang. Because I'd be really upset if he used me and fire me before the union day. Should I just quit. I think I can do better. I'm in college (sophomore and I always get good grades). The only reason why I want to work at UPS is because of the tuition reimbursement. I'm not going to lie, I personally like the job because of the work out and the co-workers there. One of the the supervisor their treats me very well, but unfortunately, he's not my sup. What should I do?
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    Once a quitter always a quitter. Dude your an adult now no one is going to hold your hand and tell you everything will be ok. You need to put on you big boy pants ok go back and sit on the porch and watch....
  3. blue efficacy

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    I would quit, UPS has little to offer a college student anymore anyway. You can make about the same money, have more flexibility, and preserve your back for the rest of your life by going to Walmart, McD's or almost anywhere else.
    Oh, and wait till the union takes out your initiation fee. That is fun I can promise ;)
  4. blue efficacy

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    Wow, no need to be so condescending to a young man who makes less per shift than you do in an hour.
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    Purple shirt?? Brown shirt?? First off, that's the first time I've ever heard of any employee being forbid to wear a brown shirt. If that is the case, is the sup colorblind or just dumb not to be able to tell the difference in colors? Next, when a new hire starts just about every sup will hate you regardless of how nice you may be. It seems to be the norm at ups. Don't show them your feelings. You must hide them. If they know it frustrates you, then they will keep doing it. Just do what they tell you and work safe. Hang in there Bud.
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    Put on a rainbow shirt, some eye shadow and lipstick.........then see what he has to say!!
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    The truth hurts. I wonder if the other 21 people that the OP talks about that are in line for 16 position have the same problems that he has ???? I would bet most of them don't because they keep their mouth shut and do there job. Instead of getting into a pissing contest with the SUP.
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    I think it sounds like they think this kid has "potential" and are trying to see just how far they can push him. I would be upset too if I were doing my job and getting punished for it. You can't fault him for being young and not knowing UPS punishes the hard workers. There is no substitute for experience.
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    Everyone has problems with their part time supervisors eventually, if they harass you that isn't right. What's with this purple shirt thing anyway? If you're not a driver, then who cares what you have on as an outfit. As far as being rushed,take your time (not sure how much seniority you have). Work your own pace, UPS will push you until you faint. Don't believe it? Just google some of the things out there, it'll shock you, if it hasn't already. Also that one guy who mentioned "truth hurts", you're exactly why this company is such a joke. No one cares about anyone else, no one has the balls to stand up and fight back. Oh sorry, just stating the obvious.
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    I dont know you, but you sound like a good kid.. Dont quit, dont let them get the better of you. I would approach the female sup, and ask her how she feels you are doing,,if she feels yo are doing a good job, but have made a few mistakes (who has not, besides GOD), then approach the other sup who is giving you a hard time. Let him know you like the job and you WANT to do a good job while working.. If he has nothing but negative to say to yo about your performance, do not say well the female sup says I am doing a good job.. Dont get the sups into a pissing contest..Just keep working hard, get to work on time, wear the proper clothing, shoes, etc.. If the sup happens to let you go, well we as a company just lost a great worker..Know it was not meant to be..Hopefully he will see that you are a good worker despite his negativity towards you.. Hang in there..think positive...
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    Hush hush, until you make seniority. Then work at a productive pace while obtaining a safe work environment. After 20 years of driving and a life time commitment to the company you can start your bitching. Good luck and god be with you.
  12. Andre Lamar

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    Thanks a lot. I will.
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    First of all, lose the attitude. You're no better than anyone else there. You can quit if you want to, but if you're there for the tuition reimbursement why would you let a UPS Stupervisor get in the way of that. Until you get though your trial period you need to suck it up, work as directed, and not let anyone get under your skin. If you're a hard worker like you say you are, they will most likely keep you. Even if they don't, what's the big difference? Your out of a job either way.
    (b) All new employees shall be hired on a thirty (30) days' trial basis and shall work under the provisions of this Agreement within which time they may be dismissed without protest by the Union. However, the Employer may not layoff, discharge or discipline for the purpose of evading this Agreement or discriminating in any manner prohibited by law. After thirty (30) days' trial period, they shall be placed on the seniority list as seniority employees in accordance with their date of hire provided, however, that an employee must work a minimum of ninety-six (96) hours during his thirty (30) days' trial period.
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    ballandchain said it well. Quitting is not an option.If you do then it will set a precedent.
    Hang in there and just do the best you can.
  15. 40andOut

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    Just realize that the sup is probably trying to play a mind game on you. Did you know that UPS trains the supervisors to manipulate you in this way? I have been working at UPS for well over 30 years and I have seen this game countless times. Do the best job that you can. Make your 30 day probationary period without engaging in their games. Let whatever the sups say (good or bad) not affect you in the least, unless it is constructive criticism. Both sups could be working together to try to manipulate you (good cop bad cop). I would not "ask" the woman sup if she thought you were doing a good job because if they are trying to manipulate you, you will have shown them that you are looking for approval. Just do your job the best you can, and after 30 days who cares what they think!
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    I hated it when I was a loader, the supervisor would look at me like he was better than me because oh he was a supervisor. Now that I'm a driver, I just look at that supervisor and don't even say a word.
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    Don't listen to upsguy73, he's a puss.

    Talk to your steward, and if you don't have a good one that's all the more reason to get your days in and become a steward to represent your fellow brothers and sisters
  18. WESLA

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    Your weak dude
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    The job is not for you. You are not the best worker. If you we're , you would not be in this predicament. People need to hear the truth. You may be better suited for another place of employment. Ill expect a few neg reps.