I might quit, though I dont want to.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by B-Daz, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. BryantheLion

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    I basically wanted to work for UPS for the money (Yes, I know, the money is horrible for the work you do). I've only been working there 3 months and would still like to keep at it, though I've been offered a better job at a restaurant. I get paid $9.50/hr plus its full time. The con to it is I get paid bi-weekly. I will definitely get paid a little more than double of what I currently make at UPS.

    I really dont want to quit UPS, because the job has become a piece of cake for me, and I get along with the workers, FT/PT Sup. Plus if I complete my year being there, I'll be at $9.50 with benefits, though I'll most likely be at $10.50 with some benefits at the restaurant.

    If I quit UPS, will I ever be able to return or will they never want me back?
  2. sortaisle

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    It's tough with the new online applications. Are you in school or something? Do you have aspirations for working in the food industry? UPS work is at a set schedule everyday, so you could continue school knowing what your hours would be everyday, or, you could find another part time job and keep your UPS job and the bene's and make both work for you.
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    It is ultimately your decision but depending on what shift you work you could probably do both. Are you there for the long haul or just as a pt job if it is a pt job you could leave they would probably rehire you at a later date if you leave on good terms but at rehire you start seniority again I am there for the long haul but I would stay anyway for the bennies as the restaurant def. won't have as good of bennies. Good Luck deciding.
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    Not only that our industry is relatively reccession proof (to an extent atleast) but when moneys tight going out for dinner is normally one of the first things on the chopping block.
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    Get out while you can!...Run!
  6. brownrodster

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    Just work both jobs.
  7. rod

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    I think you will find out just how "reccession proof" UPS is after peak. Me thinks your in for a rude awakining:peaceful:
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    Do this for the money? lol you're possibly better off collecting bottles and cans. At least picking those up won't strain your back so much.
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    Me thinks your you are right on the money. I've never seen such a dismal peak in my 19 years with the company. Our sup told us today that after Jan 1, they will be cutting 5 runs. We only have 20. I'm screwed. :sad-little: Guess I better get back into the cover driver mentality. :biting:
  10. drewed

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    i said relatively especially compared to a resturuant, UPS has the ability to find other avenues of revenue and has enough cash on hand to last a couple years but a resuraunt no matter how successful may have the cash on hand to last a year maybe.

    Could UPS have layoffs? of course but the restuaruant will close its doors before UPS will
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    Think wage + benefits = more than tips at restaurant

    Not every job is for every person though
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    Working at UPS is definitely a sacrifice if you can't swing 2 jobs as a part-timer. If you are looking down the road you aren't gonna make as much money at the resturaunt as you would if you intend to be a driver oneday. But there are a lot of factors to consider and like others said it ultimately comes down to what is right for you. It essentially comes down to your short-term and long-term goals and where you need to be financially.
  13. BryantheLion

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    Wow, I just found out the "restaurant" is Applebees. In one week, my brother worked 51.70 hours, but he doesnt get paid until every 2 weeks. The Applebees job starts from 3-4pm until 2am (Sometimes more. The latest he's been out was a full 12 hours, from 4pm-4am). My sort is the twilight sort, from 5pm-11pm. Hm, would I be able to switch the times? Or thats not a possibility?
  14. drewed

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    Thats something youre going to have to ask your sup about.
  15. 705red

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    You should be able to switch to the prelaod and go right from your ftime job at applebees, whats the matter hooters not hiring? J/k
  16. BryantheLion

    BryantheLion I leef deengs up n boot dem down

    I hope so. I've heard from my co-workers that you must have worked at least 1 year to switch time schedules, but I'll have to ask my Sups. And no..they werent hiring. <_<
  17. chopstic

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    How much seniority do you have? I always considered the greatest part of working part-time at UPS was the over-time. Even though you may only make 9.50 an hour, UPS calculates over-time way differently than any other employer. So you may only be working for 9.50 durring your normal shift, but add one extra shift in and thats 14.25/hr for the extra work. For example: last year peak season, one week i was paid 10 hours regular pay and like 40 hours overtime. Just ask this new job how many hours you'll have to work to get overtime.... i bet its not even close. Theres alot more to consider than just your pay-rate.
  18. BryantheLion

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    Only been working here for 3 months (Around 60-70 working days). Only make $8.50, and still paying my union dues. My biggest paycheck has sadly been $140.
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    I'd say don't leave UPS until you are 99% certain you are making a wise decision.

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    When you work part time here, you have to have a second part time job. Eventually the money is going to start flowing toward you at UPS. Don't be a fool and leave early if you know you can handle the job.

    I'm on my 14th year and making more money than any other college dropout I know.