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    I just finished my driving school and i went to my building manager and told him i would like to stast driving but he did not say anything. i asked him what do i do now? because i want to drive air. he told me he will call me when they are ready. He was like he did not care that i went to school. i would like to know what do i need to do now? do i go and talk to the air supervisor or to a union representative.
    tahnk you.
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    Put your name on the bid sheet. You could have graduated magna cum laude and it would still be done by seniority.
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    That school doesn't teach spelling? How to use spellcheck, at least? I'd ask for a refund.
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    Be nice.
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    Yeah, but..... It was so easy.
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    When a customer once asked me where I went to school for UPS,I told him Brown University!! sad but he believed me !! LOL LOL LOL
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    too easy
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    "Brown University". I'm using that one forever now lol
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    Rookie, do you have any idea where the real Brown University is?
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