I need info. on very small location?

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    I got a tour today and could not believe how small this place was! It had 4 locations for delivery trucks to back-up to, 1 for piggy-back, 1 50' roller way, and the building was 75' x 75'? The lady said this is the tour. She made every attempt to get us (4) to not sighn for an interview, ONLY FOR PT!. What got my att. was she said, You would have to fill for sort, you would have to make the AIR-Mail run in the car, work extra in the high demand season, and be a driver helper and still work the 5:30 to 9:00 shift, and fill in for the customer service desk, when needed. I know things are differant in the small towns, this sounds like a good foot in the door position?. Any advice on being an all around'er for UPS. Or is it that I don't see the hole picture. There was 15 cars in the parking lot and I thought the place was going nut's inside but was empty, Must be drivers?. This was 4:30pm.
  2. Yeah, we run close to 300 routes out of our center and it's a ghost town at 430. All our trucks are out making deliveries. Trucks come back 5:30-7:30 (and beyond) pkgs are sorted, and leave on feeders in the middle of the night. Feeders come in around 4, trucks are preloaded and leave. Nothing in the center. It's not a warehouse, all centers do is move boxes from one truck/trailer to another truck/trailer. Thats all