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    Ok Im a Pt sup and I have 15 employees 6 ft and 9 pt. And since I started suping a year ago atleast once a month on Saturdays (most laxed no upper management) Ill buy donuts, coffee, gatorade something to say thanks for doing a good job for me. Well Im not doing it anymore, because whatever I bring isnt good enough, if its donuts its why dont we get pizza type whining. And I tell them thats money out of my pocket to do something for you, how many other sups buy things for their workers? none, but youre a sup you make more money blah blah blah.
    So other sups do you buy things for youre hourlies? and do they have a constant wanting for more?
    And Union workers, do your sups buy you things? and whats your opinion of people whining if they do?
  2. that is great that you buy stuff for them. especially on sat. you should ask your full time sup for his expense card on fri so you can buy stuff for the drivers. if they complain i would just stop. but you could also just buy them gatorade and or fruits. to promote hydration and healthy nutrition since that is part of our declaration of management. wellness should be a personal value for our employees and their families
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    SO ?!
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    and house thats how you get in trouble! you crazy rascal
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    Sounds to me like your efforts aren't appreciated. That type of behavior is rude and you are being disrespected. I'm wondering why. I've known two types of supervisors to do what you do. There are the ones who are legitimately be generous. Then there are the ones that are trying to compensate for their inadequacies as a supervisor. Which one are you?
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    One fact you should understand about supervising is this - you can't please all the people all the time. You are the "boss" in your operation and let's face it- people all over the world love to comment about why and how the "boss" is wrong. It's not just a UPS thing.

    Since you need to have your team achieve their quality and productivity goals, and some of your people may object to what you're asking them to do, you will never be successful by bringing in donuts every week as a reward.

    You are making a mistake of treating people the way YOU would like to be treated, rather than how they want to be treated. Some people appreciates your efforts - Others just want to get their job done and get out of there. People are all different.

    Your best bet is to communicate with your people directly- explain what your area goals are and then give individual feedback on results. Make sure you give both positive comments for good results as well as formative feedback to people who need to improve.

    Save the buying of any food for good results that have been accomplished by the entire group over a period of time. In that way, it is a "thank you" for good results. Remember that when you do someone "extra" for any group of people every week over a period of time, it gets taken for granted. Again, it's not a UPS thing, it's a people thing.

    Good Luck, learning to be a supervisor is like any other job- you make mistakes every day. Just learn from your mistakes and you'll be successful over time.
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    I'm an hourly and when it is hot outside I bring in several cases of gatorade and water that I have put in the freezer for several hours. The sup's an hourly's typically appreciate it.
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    If what you are saying is 100% accurate then your employees are some of rudest people in the employ off UPS. I don't care if you gave me a cup of water and some gum, I am going to be thankful for it.

    You say your PT so you don't work many hours and therefore don't make a ton of money. You should be worried about yourself with the price of everything today! You don't owe them anything and for them to demand pizza and hotdogs instead of coffee and donuts is outragous.

    UPS pays we very well and I don't expect anything else from them. I know we all have a wife or brother-in-law or what-ever whose company bar-ba-ques every thursday and gives their employees free weekend getways at the coast, or they have 4 weeks vacation to start and 15 sick days that accumulate if not used.

    We will never get that at UPS but I also don't expect it or want it. The trade-off is job security, no threat of a layoff, benefits, etc. I could go on, but we all know what we get.

    You're a great guy for caring about your hourlies and doing what you do (its the thought that counts). If I were you however, I wouldn't spend a nickel on them ever again!

    On hot days when I bump into my sup. on road for one reason or another, he always has a gatorade for me when I see him. I don't know if you know how clutch a free gatorade is when its 102 and 99% humidity? Its something that I appreciate more than he realizes.

    Its little things like this that wins me over. I'm sorry you are not greeted with the same enthusiasm I have when you do something nice for your workers.

    As a wise man once said: "Screw 'em!" then, those ungrateful jerks.
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    i never bought my employees anything in 5 years and my areas always run well. well one time the ice cream machine broke so they were giving away all the ice cream bars and took about 25 to my sorters and told them I bought them...classic. They believed me until after the sort they found out what happened. Funny
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    Don't buy em anything.The Ft make more than you and don't expect.The pt want to be accepted and told they are doing well for there hard work..A few compliments goes further than gatorade and donuts..
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    As Brownie said, they are a poor excuse for employees. But it is becoming typical of some of the people we are bringing on board.

    After all, listen to some of the griping on this board about assinine things.

    Problem is that I would guess that 85% of your people appriciate your offerings. Its that other 15%, the vocal ones that make it seem like the whole group is complaining.

    Funny thing too, and correct me if I am wrong, even the whiners still manage to grab some?

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    We had a driver receive his 32 yr award last week. The sup went all out. We had gatorade, water, apples, bagels and cream cheese. He had made it a brown bag special and every driver got one. I didn't hear one driver complain about what was given to us. And there was not a single one left. I, and I'm sure everyone else, very much appreciated what he had done.
  13. I bring leftover food from my other job in all the time for everyone. McNuggets, cookies, pies, chicken selects. Put in the microwave and you have the breakfast of champions.
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    Yeah...don't spend your own money. Get a FT specialist, supervisor or manager to let you use their card. You are helping to boost their morale for Brown...not for you. UPS should pay for this within reason...if they complain then stop.

    Your salary doesn't support doing these little extras.....
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    I offer our P/T sup on the midnight a water every once in a while. They pass out flyers when I enter the hub to drink lots of water because you dehydrate. So I gave him the flyer, and said " make sure you stay hydrated when you're loading all that union work" :knockedout:
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    There's been many times at our center when they would have donuts, a cake or other such sweet treats. Usually these are for a special occasion but sometimes just a little pat on the back. I don't complain, I just pass, but I appreciate the gesture. Now, about once a year they bring in the cooking equipment and make breakfast, THAT I join in on. LOL
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    Do you work at my hub? The morons that work here would do something like that. I don't get it either. Just stop doing it and fire the next one you can.
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    You can't put that on your expense account anymore?
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    alot of the ups hand outs such as water coldcut trays donuts etc.. etc.. ended in 96 after our little disagreement they also ended Founders day picnics along with the softball tournaments
  20. Covemastah

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    my bad the strike was in 97