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    1. I HAVE A REAL BIG ISSUE..Well i been working at ups for almost 10 years now as a drive . These last 3 years have been hell. Ok 2008 they put me on an over load 200 stops in a 500..lol. I driver released a pkg on the back porch under the steps. So the customer called ups and said they did not get the pkg. The manager goes out to the house to to the customer. I get a message on the diad to meet him their. The first thing the manager asked me was did i steal the box. I was already mad about the 200 stops in a 500..NO!! i did not steal the pkg. It was going in for about 10 min..arguing back and forth with the manager. Finally the customer found the pkg were i put it.

    2. A similar incident happened in 2009-2010.

    3. End of 2010. So i get called into the office one morning. I am being accused of saying inappropriate remarks and yelling at the top of my lungs to the two workers at a loading dock. Also that i called them cheap like prim ham. I told them no way this has to be some kind of joke. "we can call them because i have their number". Reply was "no no no we will do an investigation an if we find out your lying were going to fire you". So the next day i go to the stop and tell them about the accusations. They could not believe it. The workers ask me for the buildings number. He called the manager and said" this is the best driver had in over 25 years. He would never say anything like that to us. I don`t think that would come out of his mouth on his worst day". So the next day i get called into the office....at this point i`m already stressed out about everything. Come to find out the complaint was from a different location. No apology was ever given.

    4. 2011 On my route only about 85% of the people actually sign their name were u can see it. Now i`m getting accused of signing for pkgs. Most of the customers on my route scribal the Diad. I been out of work for a whole month because of this. The union don`t do much. They tall me there doing an investigation on this. Im the mean time i`m doing my own investigation. I have on audio the two drivers that normally no my route confessing that majority of the people scribal. I have copies of signatures that the driver sent me. I have copies of how people sign for the USPS certified mail man on my route. What can i do I need help SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!!
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    Train wreck