I need someone from Reno NV


From the promised LAND
Perferably a customer oriented service rep to get hold of me. Or a driver that is interested in selling a customer that currently uses FDX home delivery because we break all the stuff we handle.

I just refused the second shipment from them due to damage. It was packed properly, but the glass inside could not handle being wraped around one of the belt supports and being bent into a U shape. I finally called them to offer to send them the package I want them to send my stuff to me. They agreed.

Now, the packaging materiel is a bit expensive, but it could be reused several hundreds of times. What I need is someone to sell them on using the packaging, and issuing an ARS sticker with it to get the packaging back.

Several things. No more claims, extra volume that is going to someone else, extra volume returning the empty package, and less trash for the land fill.

If any of you have any impact on this area of the USA, please let me know, Via PM and I will send you my phone number.

Lets see if we can get a customer back!



Danny,I may be wrong but I think if you have a ups acct # you can do that all on line.Just print out the ars label ,put it in the box with packing instructions.We already do it for cell phone,and cable companies,and hewlett packard for laptops and printers.That way all they have to do is put it in your box and call for a pickup.You'll probobly get the bill for it before you get your pkg back tho:wink2:


From the promised LAND
I know you can do it on line.

Problem is I think they need human contact to sell them on this idea. It would cost them up front, but the savings are there. If someone would just be able to pitch the benifits.....



Man of Great Wisdom
When I'm in Frisco next month I'll cruise over to Reno and take care of the situation. That's what I do. I'm Brownmonster. That is a situation that could be handled by a human and gain volume. Too bad it will be ignored or we'll drop the ball somewhere.