I need to get a few things straight (Please help).

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by B-Daz, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. BryantheLion

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    Started work at 6:15pm and finished at 10:34pm. I was written down that I "clocked" out at 10:00pm. I haven't clocked in with my card in about 4 months (my fault).

    Who do I talk to if time is being taken off purposely, not accidently?

    90% of the time, I work through break (only 10min), but I never..since I first started working here, was paid for those 10min. For about 5 months and a half, I was never paid for that. Who do I talk to?

    Will it be possible to get time sheets from about August/September? Or is that data completely gone?

    Can my P/T Sup get fired for doing something like this?

    I've asked this before on another topic, but any opinions on what to do? Tomorrow, I would be with UPS for 6 months. If I wanted to go for unloading, sorting, irreg trains,..who do I talk to? And will there be waiting time?

    Anything else anyone would like to say?

    I most likely forgot a question that I cant remember now, I'll edit my post when I remember.
  2. UnsurePost

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    Here's what to do.

    tell your sup. they should be able to add the time missed.

    IMO, if you work for UPS and you aren't writing down your time worked (at the very least) you are crazy!

    You work through your break? Why would you do that???

    starting frmo now on, write down all of your hours for 2 weeks. Then after that 2nd week ask your sup for the OR (operations report) for the past 2 weeks. compare the 2 weeks hours versus what you have written. If there's obvious glaring errors (w hich UPS is known for, intentionally abusing peoples pay) then you need to get a shop steward involved.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Your 10 minute break is unpaid so I don't think you have any recourse there. As for the time card discrepancy, you said yourself that you hadn't been using your time card for about 4 months so I would also think that you would have no recourse here as well. Take this as a lesson learned and start today to punch in and out with your card and be sure to take your break.
  4. UPS44GAL

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    if you talk to someone about this problem they should be able to add your time that you were shorted. Also, they can run an audit report for the time u think u were shorted and see exactly who put ur time in and if it was changed. But i would advise you to start punchin in & out. Or else you will never get paid for all the hrs u work.. And im sure u dont want to work for free..
  5. City Driver

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    you are working through an unpaid break which doesnt mean you should get paid for it, it means you are working off the clock voluntarily

    get a card to clock in and out electronically
  6. hondo

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    He needs to check regional and local supplements, riders and addenda. His 10 minute break could very well be paid, and if he worked through it, he would be entitled to another 10 minutes pay.
  7. chopstic

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    We had a PCM at my center that stated the company is liable to pay for any work done while clocked in, even if the employee started early without permission or worked through a break... Of course the last half of that pcm informed us we would be written up or disciplined for starting early without permission or working through breaks.
  8. drewed

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    I agree with NY, theres not recourse for the last 6 months if you were having these issues you should have brought them forward immediately, I believe you cant griee bc its past the 2 weeks (10 days?) for the filing window.

    Keep better track in the future use your cards
  9. BryantheLion

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    Oh, I thought the 10min were paid. After work is over, usually some of the workers mention to add those 10min to their time if they worked through break. Thanks a lot for the help/advice. This must be fixed. No clue why they would even do such a thing to begin with.
  10. drewed

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    Well ask a steward about the break thing, but what do you expect to be fixed?
  11. Red Dawn

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    if your time is wrong take it to your center mg. their is no time limit on pay claims if they don't fix it. But i know the department of labor (Fed. gov. not union) will only go back 9 months.

    If you were not told to work threw your break them then good luck getting anything on that. maybe they will give you employee of the month or safety bucks.
  12. BryantheLion

    BryantheLion I leef deengs up n boot dem down

    Drewed: I just expect for this not to happen again. I really don't care if I don't get any money from the past, I would just like for my time to be accurate from when I start working, until I stop.

    A lot of the times I'm told to work through, sometimes they ask me if I mind working through, and sometimes I just work through..just because.
  13. drewed

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    Well check with your steward to see what youre supplement, make sure your clocking accurately and keeping track of hours....and for the breaks if youre not paid take it off, theres no just because in it, if youre paid and you work it see what the common practice is (whether its just straight or you get 10 mins added)
  14. UnsurePost

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    It sounds like you're trying to be a hero for a company that just doesn't give a rats you know what. You're just a number, remember that. Bottom line; working for free gets you nowhere in this company, especially UPS.
  15. scratch

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    It does get you more work to do. If you are crazy enough to skip lunch or breaks, they figure you deserve the honor of even more work.
  16. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    I agree. We've all said this before, as allot of post have this in common...TAKE YOUR LUNCH AND BREAKS!
  17. UnsurePost

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    True. B-daz may be getting a(nother) split car to load in the future. Thank you UPS!
  18. gandydancer

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    Didn't we go over this already? You're the guy who was counting on God to punish your supervisor for shorting your hours, right? Sheesh...

    Anyway, whether you clocked in or not doesn't matter. That you clocked out using your card is sufficient. You're not grieving when they clocked you in.

    And either you're grieving this, or you're not worth talking to further. You can always withdraw your grievance if they do right by you. But grieving will get you penalty pay. And they owe you that for the aggravation.

    They don't owe you anything for working through your break, though. Not legally. They allowed the break, you didn't take it, tough.

    But clocking you out at 10 instead of relying on your card swipe is a contract violation. Grow some balls and grieve it, or shut up.
  19. LVD*4*LIFE

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    If you are instructed by a PT or FT sup. to work through break, a) make sure they give you a break later in your shift, or b) make sure they compensate you for the 10 minutes.
    I have almost 15 years in Part Time w/ UPS and am very pleased to work for "big brown" & I plan on staying till I'm old & grey (or I should say older & greyer)
    When is the last time your pt, ft, or center manager added 10 minutes or so to your time at the end of a shift for good work?
  20. drewed

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    Doesnt he only have 10 days to file grievances on pay adjustments? So nothing but the last 2 weeks could be?