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    Here's my situation, I started as a seasonal driver October 2013 then continued working with UPS after the season never laid off or anything. Did preload, drove air, would do misloads, and on the occasion do a whole route. I made seniority June 16th of 2014. Two weeks into my packet I was told they had got approval from whoever to have more full time driver's and that I was going to become full time but along with that I was gonna drop pay from 27 at the time to 18.75 and be on a progressive rate for 4 yrs. until I reached top pay. That was fine until I find out today that the guy on top of me that has a start date 7 days before me and 5 days seniority on me is getting the regular rate. This can only make me question what is going on here. I talked to my union reps and were suppose to be talking about it tomorrow morning to see what's the problem. The thing I don't get it if were almost exactly the same when it comes to dates then why aren't we in pay? I have just begun my career with this company and I see that it is a constant battle between us and them. I just can't wrap my mind on why they would screw a employee of there own like that if that's what has happened. I will be finding out soon
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    If you get your 30 days as cover driver you are locked in at that rate. I cover drive for a few years, once I went full time I kept my cover driver rate.

    If u didn't make seniority as a cover driver (don't know if they can change your classification mid packet anyways) you might have to settle for full time rate
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    That's exactly what happened I got the regular pay 2 weeks into my packet then that's when they changed it
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    Get used to it dude. They hate us drivers, cause STUPPOSEDLY we make too much money, and they hate the supes too by the way. Bunch of hatefulasczz people this company here.
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    Ok check this out I just went back and looked at my check stubs and I made seniority June 16th but they didnt knock my pay back until the 29th after I made seniority
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    File. Union wants you at a higher wage for higher dues. They'll put up a decent fight for you.
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    Did you get hired as a seasonal or a reg temp? In my supplement if you got hired as a reg temp and eventually made it to FT then you stay at the reg temp pay and don't have to start at the bottom.
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    Yeah, it's a real kick in the balls when they follow a contact that both sides agreed to.
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    So what this has came down to is if I got those 30days or not I got 15 solid days in 3 weeks from training but were going threw the other 5months to try to scrap up 15 more days
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    worry about yourself....
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    How do you know how much the other driver is making....did you see his paystub? People lie....
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    If only "they" would follow the contract "they" agreed to, there wouldn't be too many unresolved issues at ups.
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    Yep....or it's also possible that driver had back-dated seniority credit from temp driving or whatever, to shorten progression. Lastly, the contract says all wages are minimums, so UPS can pay that driver $1,000/hr if they want to .
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    How was the OP making 27 an hour already?
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    Union dues sure would be high at that rate.
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    Im presuming souther supplement. TCD's in southern supplement make 85% of FT top out, or roughly $27.xx. If they make their 30 in 120 or whatever it is, then if and when they go full-time they carry the 85% rate over to the progression and stay at it until the progression pay would be higher than it.
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    I would wait till you made book on your full time driving position to raise a storm. If you do it now they will just be looking to fail you. Once you pass you can grieve for back pay and driving rate.
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    Damn, thats a nice little deal.
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    Not anymore. Last year, we had around 30 Ft drivers laid off after peak. It took till like May or June for all of them to go back driving. It wasn't until roughly late July/August when all the TCD's were getting at least 1 oppurtunity to drive a week. I just had to turn the TCD gig down, because I cant afford to be laid off that long.
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    Ahh, that is unfortunate, layoffs don't happen here and as someone who will soon be a TCD that would have been a nice bonus for me. It wouldn't change much initially for me but all but maybe 3 of our qualified TCD's drive daily. Our FT guys love time off.