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    How lame has this forum become? W2 forms, funny things I.T. people say, help with e-learning, etc., etc.

    C'mon folks, is everybody really that happy, or have you all given up? I'm sure someone's heard more recent news about IBM moving in - or how about the news that there will not be an ERI this year? Is there no more Fear and Loathing in Mahwah? And how is TSG lately?

    To paraphrase Pink Floyd, is there anybody out there??
  2. scratch

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    I have noticed that this Forum does get some bad threads sometimes. Some people have no idea what "Information Services" does. Somebody new to UPS thinks that this IS Forum is like a help desk to answer general questions like W2 Forms and such. Most of the employees in Package Operations have never heard of IS and have no idea what it is.
  3. Maybe, they are tired of your complaining?
  4. 1 man vote 2

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    I think I said it in one of the other threads..."and the sheep shall inherit the earth"...there's no one left to complain...they're all gone...they either gave up on the company and moved on or moved to another building. Ramsey's full of clones, one's that have bought into the new management's deal, or one's that can't move on cause they've put too many years in and no one else will take them. Or there are those who don't want to open their mouth, cause they were either buttered up or they're afraid...the battle's been lost, my friend.

    Things will stay the way they are until the next big management change, and the purge will happen again, like it did last time.

    But hey, at least we got those great red shirts to remind us that we're expendible...
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    Not really UPS news, but 2 years out of UPS and I am getting 14k bonuses this year and will be making almost 70k per year (which is what my TSG manager made when I left). A couple more good bonuses and I can pass them up. :)

    BROWN4LIFE15 Guest

    Anonymous Brown: I would pay more attention to what you had to say if you had the cogliones to register and be a real contributor to this forum.

    Impacted TSG: I am sure everyone is very happy for you.

    1 man vote 2: everything you said is sad but true! But hey, thanks for reminding me of the red shirt. I need to wring it out and get it ready for the next time I wash my Mercedes Benz ragtop.

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
    My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
    Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
    So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

  7. freeloader

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    IMPACTED TSG: What field did you go into after UPS? Are you still in the technical arena?

    I left the hardware field and entered the software field - SQA/SDET.
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    I work in the IT field on my other job. I think people do know about/care about IT issues but may not have a good understanding of some of the issues. Here some people have a look of deer in the headlights when it comes to IT.
  9. ImpactedTSG

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    I am a network / technical engineer. I do a little of everything but mainly server installs and migrations, domain consilidations, and network/infrastructure installs and upgrades. I do no programming at all. Unless you call CLI stuff in the Cisco IOS coding. LOL
  10. ImpactedTSG

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    You asked if anyone is out there and I answered. :smart:
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    You know what IS does? Nothing. If your computer is broke, they rebuild it. If I had admin rights to my own computer, I wouldn't need them for anything. WORTHLESS. Downsize all of them!
  12. Deeohem

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    Manager For Life, Recently an automotive mechanic's PC crashed and burned. It was the only system in the extended center that had AIS installed on it. This means the mechanic is on paper timecards and can't order replacement parts.

    I'll give you three options on getting it rebuilt.
    a) you can do it. Take the time away from running your center.
    b) pay a union auto mechanic to do it.
    c) pay a TSG to do it.

    of the three options, manager, mechanic, or TSG which one costs the least per hour?
  13. time = $$$$

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    The one that costs the least per hour is a TSG tech.

    However, by the time Manager4Life completes 7 forms and has another manager escalate his service request so it's actually worked on, having admin rights and doing it himself is probably the cheapest. Time = $$$

    I think you forgot option 4 which is definitely the cheapest....

    4. Convert AIS to a web application that can be administered from a central location.
  14. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    You guys are funny. Giving users admin rights is the worst idea and is usually the cause of the problem to begin with. Because then you get people who think they know what they are doing dorking around with their box, not to mention installing google earth, webshots, themes, screensavers, toolbars, and any other stupid software they can find. Next thing you know the box craps the bed, TSG gets a call, and the user plays dumb like he didn't do anything to the box at all.
  15. Deeohem

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    or better yet, user installs Google Earth, some one at Google notices that Google Earth was downloaded to an IP that belongs to UPS and two high-priced teams of lawyers discuss the finer details of free for non-commercial use.
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    Very clever calling a computer a box... this must be part of the A+ certification exam.

    Those people you refer to as "users" are your colleagues and should be educated and appreciated instead of being administered and lectured.
  17. 10thLetter

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    WORTHLESS...Finally management and technicians can agree on something. Be it from opposite sides though.
    Same zoo, different animals. I won't pretend to be a monkey and you don't try to be a technician.
  18. I am sure some management can probably perform some TSG tasks. Just like any tech can supervise or manage.
    I have seen plenty of people in management who have been promoted to thier highest level of incompetency. I would like them to pass a Network+ certification, which has all the industry standards for wiring, subnetting, Novell, Macintosh, Unix as well as well as Microsoft. I passed it.
    I would like to management, intergrate a Worldship system to a customers AS400 or Unix system, use a Yellow Jacket to perform a site survey or to determine which access point is down in a redundant area, use an infrared scope and line up the LMS heads on an EDS system, or adjust the gain on a decoder board on an OMNI, punch down a lan jack, get the data out of FDT on a tractor that just had an accident, take apart a TECH10 and clean it, reflash a Saphire, use a tone generator to find a patch down that wasnt labeled, run checkdsk and clone a drive, administratively shut down a port on a switch when needed, check the network reports to see which IP is killing the network, get the data off an SFA Laptop when its blue screening, get the package counter pc working again in the middle of a sort, use Visio and diagram the network, setup a laserjet on the network, perform Fire Drill tests and accomplish all the items for the Assessment all in their spare time. I do all these things and more. I save the company money and ensure buisness with intergrations.
    If you dont think I am worth the 50k a year, either promote me or give me a decent severance package which allows me to collect my already earned pension at 55 and I will gladly leave. Most of the management I have seen dont even know how to map a drive, export email, backup favorites, add a printer, or even burn a cd.
    This company pays article 22 people 50K a year to QC clerks, Coustomer Counter clerks and to hub and feeder specialists. When did us few Techs become so hated by upper management? The only way you will get management to do these things is to promote the techs into management.
  19. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    First of all, they weren't my colleagues, they were my internal customers. When I worked at UPS believe me there were some great users who got educated and appreciated. And there were also other morons who got administered and lectured. The user base was diverse across the board. I had part time hub rats that knew more about computers than staff level management.

    Any network admin knows that dishing out admin rights to joe blow user is a recipe for disaster. Even if your local TSG buddy were to give in and give you local admin rights, group policy would come along and take it away.
  20. rups

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    Joe blow user just finished installing the digital camera he bought his wife for her birthday on their Dell laptop. His teenage daughter showed him how to download songs from iTunes for his iPod. Joe feels like he computer skills are fairly strong and has even started to manage his son's little league team schedule on http://www.eteamz.com.

    Jane blow just graduated from Georgia tech and has a music and podcast library of over 50GB on her Macbook. She users Twitter and Facebook to communicate with her friends and thinks UPS should start using Second Life for company conferences like her professors used to do for lectures.

    How do you think the Jane and Joe users described are going to respond to the lack of admin rights when they feel that they are tech savvy and very capable?