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    To my understanding, I will not be able to drive the UPS ground trucks unless I pass a driving test administered in a manual (stick-shift) vehicle. I have a little knowledge of how to operate a manual (stick-shift) vehicle. I've asked a ton of people, "do you have a stick shift vehicle", so I can get a better feel of operating one. Unfortunately; no-one has a stick shift vehicle that I've spoken with. At our center the majority of the vehicles are automatic. The excuse my operations manager uses is "You should know how to drive a stick shift just in case". The question I wanted to ask everyone -- can UPS accomodate me with an automatic vehicle since there is a possibility that I won't be able to fully learn how to operate a shift shift vehicle?
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    Negative... Especially as a newer driver, you will be driving different vehicles all the time. Some of those are bound to be manuals. Its just one of those prerequisites that you must meet in order to get the job.
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    Although you are most likely to never see a pkg car w/manual transmission, you do need to know how to drive it just in case.
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    My belt probably has 5 automatics out of 30 trucks. This is the Roswell hub in Georgia with about 300 trucks out of our building
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    I'm guesstimating that about half the package cars in our building are still manuals. There is no way you could go into driving here and not run manuals some of the time.
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    you have a long way to go .look in paper for rent a wreck . find a stick shift car beat the hell out of it .
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    Thank you for the replies
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    Also look at a rental car company
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    you should really see if they can get you a package car with cold A.C. first ?? and then leather seats with a Bose c.d. player with some nice subs and an amp ,lol.
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    Don't forget the fuzzy dice.... Hanging from the mirror.
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    Sorry but the job doesn't adapt to you, you adapt to the job.
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    I rented a manual U-haul for a Sunday. (I don't know if they have manuals anymore). I was able to practice not only driving one, but working on backing into docks at local businesses that were closed.
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    You already work here. Have you asked the manager if you can practice in a manual PC off the clock?
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    ALSO if you don't know the center manager that well, ask a driver to ask him for you. Maybe you could even get one to go with you and teach you how to drive a standard.
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    I have never seen them refuse that request.

    Now, you might have to have another driver with you.

    Sounds like a job for someone from the safety committee....

    Who is going to say No ?? :happy2:

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    The OP want's to learn how to drive a stick not learn how to type.
  17. I was told several decades ago that I would fail the driving test(package car) if I scratched(grind/missed) a gear. Insane. I learned to drive a Feeder(pass the test and all in 2 days). It can and must be done. Still missing gears in that Feeder! Surely, mgt. could allow you practice a bit......but then again.....allowing a person to reach seniority without mastering a stick shift will cripple the entire Center. In all fairness(to all), you must be able to do this.
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    you forgot chrome wheels
  19. rocket man

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    id say 75 pct is still stick, and the way the new trannys are blowing up its a matter of time to go back what works a stick, i don mind as long as it has power steering. i had my ac pulled out it was to cold
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    I took my pre road test road test in an old 800 with a gas pedal so loose it'd slide under the brake pedal. I drove tractor trailers for a few years, but never learned to drive a 4 or 5 speed "normal" vehicle. Barely passed and they let me drive around the center on Saturdays to practice. After class, my first peak route was delivering to shopping centers all day in a 28ft moving van with a 5 speed Eaton Fuller shifter. Felt better driving that than a P1000.

    Like the others said, they'll probably let you practice. Getting a driver to help teach you is a really good idea.