I was sitting at home waiting for a package...

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    And sure enough, FedEx Ground delivers my K-Cups so I can have my morning coffee. However a couple things happen:

    (1) FedEx Ground driver flies down road at over 35mph (I live on a 20mph neighborhood street up a large, steep grade hill) It's around 1pm. She is a reasonably attractive female, not that it matters. I waved at her and she gave me a look like "get a job" :happy-very:

    (2) FedEx Ground driver backs into my driveway, which is roughly 25 feet long. She makes no use of the horn before backing and also not only backs at an uncontrolled speed, she almost kisses my gutters.

    (3) FedEx Ground driver then proceeds to drop off package at front door, which is OK, great. But then apparently sorts her truck or has a phone call. Were there really enough packages to sort, after all? Wasn't quite sure what she was doing. But she was in my driveway for at least 5 minutes if not 10 minutes.

    Mind you, this truck is a complete wreck. It has paint missing, rust? Decals were faded....sad state of affairs. Not something you want in the driveway.

    How many times would she be written up or how many reports would UPS hit her with?
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    Sleeve.....Love my Keurig !!! I like trying the different coffees and flavors and even some teas.

    I love the K-cup from Cafe Escapes and it's cafe mocha flavor.......better than Starbucks.

    My most used is Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend. Great Machine !! :happy-very:
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    Yeah it is great! I had to sell my cuisinart grinder/brewer to make room for the Kuerig. Fiance won it at work. Her favorite is Nantucket Blend also , she fiends for it on the weekend. :D Thats a good one for sure.
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    Sleeve, did you know that you can buy an adapter for your Keurig that will allow you to use regular coffee?

    Back to your question, the center manager would be waiting to speak with that driver at the end of the day.
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    Yeah, we have the adapter. It's great all around.
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    She is a reasonably attractive female. Her center manager has to be a guy. If the driver was some homely cuss he would have been gone long ago.:knockedout:
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    Reasonably attractive females definitely get favoritism in this company, so yeah, who knows?
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    Give her a break. Maybe she had to pee in the back of the truck. the least you could have done was offer the use of your bathroom.:happy-very:
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    Did you say attractive?
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    Sounds like the FedEx Ground driver that delivers to me. Only mine is a grubby guy with a POS truck you can hear a mile away. But in his defense he is funny as all get out and has a few seconds to shoot the bull with his customers (even though he has LOTS of stops left)-- unlike the hit and run UPS guy that flys by my house in his unwashed truck without a second to spare.
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    i would have refused that package. I do not accept anything that does not come ups. if every upser did this we we could get back most of our volume
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    Who cares she's hot :happy-very:
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    If that works for you - great but in the real world people don't give a crap about who delivers their package-----as long as it is on time and as cheap as possible.
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    they should when their competitor is delivering their stuff. imagine if every upser did this. i believe there are 400,000 employees
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    I see Fed Ex drivers taking risks everyday on route. I used to raz the ground driver about it all the time, he has since moved on. There is a new guy on the route that seems nice but has alot to learn. Today he nosed in by the dock, blocking it enough I couldn't get in, to deliver a 2 lb package. I didn't have to wait on him long, just enough to annoy me. One of these days he will get blocked in by one of the big trucks. Lesson learned.
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    If there were an option for shipping with this particular company, I'd pick UPS.

    If every UPSer stuck together and all told vendors that we would not shop with them and choose one that only shipped UPS, that would help!
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    I'm really not trying to pick a fight but out of the 400,000 employees how many are part time and out of those you can't even get a few to vote on a contract (full time isn't much to brag about either) so how would you expect to get everyone to refuse anything delivered by a competitor? You are definitley living in an "imaginary" world. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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    It is an interesting question though.
    How much thought do you give to how a company ships when you order online? Personally, I will check to see if they ship UPS and would even pay a few dollars more for a vender that ships with us. However, if there is a big price difference or no other option then fed-ex it is.