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    I posted a thread not too long ago "Had an Accident". I hit another in the rear bumper, he was stopped clearing traffic. He moved forward, almost gunning it to get into traffic, I looked over my shoulder to clear while moving up to the stop strip and apparantly he had stopped again and then the collision occurred. Things were looking good. I only got a warning letter, and my center manager said that they havent said anything about disqualification (I'm a reg temp waiting for my 30 days) so we thought that was the end of it and I would be trained for a peak extra route soon. Well, 2 weeks ago the center manager gave me this mean look as I walked in the door (we're a small center) and said he needed me for a minute. Closed the office door behind me and he said sit down. I did, and then he said "not looking good.....". Apparantly they are now bringing the issue of not having days in and trying their damndest to disqualify me. The district guy seems like he's getting pleasure out of it, kinda pisses me off. They are in need of drivers at my center, 2 retirements PLUS the peak routes. My package car sup is really pulling for me, he needs me. BAD! Since I've been a helper for the past 4 years I pretty know a lot about delivering. All aspects of it. Driving a noob.....a route, forget about it. But the delivery/pickup part, I know what to do and how to do it. I know the DIAD better than the OMS's and the reg temps that are above me in seniority who've been doing it a while. So, the package car sup found some sort of loop hole. With the union too! He himself went to the union and pleaded FOR me. He says he hasn't heard anything. It's been a while, like a week and a half. Should I not worry about it and expect to drive under the radar like my union steward said, or should I expect to be on the belt, yet again, for a year. Advice...opinions? I just think that they're going to have me out this peak no matter what. What kind of repromand could I get if the district or region found out I'm driving? It's not like I went to to UPS and said I want to drive without your permission. UPS is allowing me to drive when I didn't ask for it after my accident. it's a hairy situation that I and our center is in....we have real low staffing for driving and they need me and a about 4 others......
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    Go with the flow. Work as directed. Do your best. Everything else is out of your hands.
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    Outside of sexual favors,have you tried fishnet stockings?, or bribery, it`s their decision. If they let you stay be careful out there.
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    Haha........sorry no. :happy2: Don't think my fiance would like that too much.....

    And we take that as funny, but it reminds me to say, I haven't asked for anything about driving yet at all, not to the union, not to management. No favors, nothing. I've been quiet through this whole thing.
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    So let me get this straight...you're a new driver working on getting your seniority? If you are, any accident disqualifies you within your training period. You completely ignored #3 of the 10 point commentary. 1,2,3 startup. You're not suppose to even take off your e-brake until until you've checked your mirrors and camera. Then move your eyes forward to see if the intersection is cleared. You didn't follow YELL either for intersections. They have lots of ammo against you. If you're within your 30 days and they don't disqualify you for this accident, then you're in. And don't let them say you were disqualified and they just used you for peak if you didn't sign anything stating your disqualification. If you're just a utility driver, then you get a slap on the wrist and a methods ride. Although, I suppose they don't want to make a precedence of allowing people within progression get away with an accident in their 30 days, cause it opens a can of worms for them. Keep quiet and hope for the best. Good luck!
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    Thank you sortaisle. I got that same methods speech from the center, district, and region personnel. Plus the CHSP people, so it's instilled in my brain, and it made an impact on my career and how I follow through everything. I don't take this lightly, I take it very seriously, unlike some of the others who work at our center and glide past everything and think they are untouchable. I understand 200% what has happened and what I should and could have done to prevent it. I got 2 method rides and a warning letter so far, and it's been about 3 weeks since it's happened and no one has heard anything other than they want to disqualify me. Not they will disqualify, they want too.
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    Prime example, I just got a call from the on car sup they want me for shuttle tonight.......I think I'm worrying too much.
  8. Just go with the flow, watch yourself and learn from the momentary lapse in judgement. Lots of our policies expect that you are a machine and can never ever make mistakes or forget anything...though oddly our automated preload system causes many mistakes daily (PAS), go figure (maybe it should get a warning letter). We both know that isn't realistic. While I agree safety is of utmost importance (hey we all want to go home the way we came in...except on thursdays haha $$$), this company seems to create a safety and or methods practice for every contingency so there can be no accidents/mistakes without serious consequences ever. People make mistakes and to be intolerant (within reason) and ignorant of that is ridiculous.

    I remember they were going over the importance of safety in supe training it seemed like they were more concerned over costing the company money than the actual safety of the employees. I'm not sure if thats the message they were trying to project to us (hope not, I mean I know its a business but still), however that's what most of us took away from it.
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    And that's exactly how they like it :wink2:.
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    My legs would have you all drooling:tt2:

    I think that they would have axed you by now if they didn't want you.
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    I know I have heard many times what the cut off date is for accumulating days toward seniority, but dang if I can remember it. Anyway, it doesn't seem contractual they could disqualify you for the accident and let you continue to drive three weeks past the event. Seems to me if they were going to DQ you they would have to already have made that decision and move.
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    In our center, we tell all the guys the same thing when quallifing. You can prety much not no anything, forget the 5 and 10, have packages fly out the door; As long as you dont hit anything, you will quallify.

    If you didnt quallify yet, and you hit something, try again in a year. Doesn't matter if they have told you anything at all, you are done for a year.
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    But how am I still driving if im DQd?
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    In all honesty - you should be DQ'd. Not doing it sets up a bad practice for the future and future drivers.

    Sorry it happened but thats just how it is.
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    "Good News" is what my management team said. Labor relations is not DQ'ing me. I counted, and still am counting my blessings. I need this position......
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    with all that self-appreciation I had to look at who posted it since originally I thought it was Steve.