IBM helped the nazis

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    Dark American Secrets Buried by Mythology

    Judges at Nuremberg began to raise questions about eugenics research until a defense attorney pointed out doing so risked that evidence would be presented of how the American eugenics programs were the scientific influence and thus the issue was set aside to the dustbins of history.

  3. I don't know if the article is representing the overall truth, but you have to be blind not to see similarities with the Nazi system, after all we shipped 3000 scientists over here from there. The big difference it is going global with free speech, with "elections" --} same direction with each presidents.
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    The birth of Operation Paperclip

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    I remember hearing about this in my teens ... so some 40 years ago.

    Of course, the internet helps bring it to more people. Back then, it was underground magazines and newspapers.

    The Germans needed the ability to catalog people and their characteristics as I remember.

    The Germans have always been about efficiency and productivity.
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    Actually it was Eleanor Roosevelt and FDR until they attacked USA ships.
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    Sounds like the dept. at work known as, no, no I better not say it!


    I wonder if Frederick Taylor's name is on any of those lists?