Idiot new hires

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  1. Ok question? How hard is it to take your marijuana cig out of your cig pack when youre about to go to work..some new hire here got fired because they found weed in his cig pack...i dont think he had made seniority yet either. :confused:1
  2. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Why did they fire him? He showed up, didn't he?
  3. he was caught with weed in his cigarette pack so they fired him.
  4. scratch

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    He should have left it out in his car's ash tray for after work. I swear, these new guys.........
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly! Thats what I do!

    Uhh......I mean......
  6. aspenleaf

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    :lol: Yes, I think he'd still be on my boxline. We are so desperate for pre-loaders we take them any way we can.
  7. wornoutupser

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    We get your loads. I feel your pain about the workers up there. You can tell that some care and that some absolutely do not by the loads that come in to us!
    My favorite is the "Great Falling Walls", they are wonderful when the land on you unloading the back flap of the trailer! There is nowhere to run when they tumble down.
    We heard a while back that Big Brown was busing in workers for the day and paying them cash them busing them back out- was that true?
  8. toonertoo

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    You cannot even smoke in the building, and you only work a few hrs, leave it in the car, duh.
  9. driverfollowup

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    Just recently, we had a re-load sup and 3 reloaders that were terminated for ...... Pulling their pants down, exposing their nuts , and kicking each other in the balls !!!!:w00t: Guess the job itself just wasn't kicking their butts hard enough ! lol
  10. CTOTH

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    WTF??? These fellas should be executed
  11. mrbill

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    We have drug sniffing dogs in our building all the time.They are training or going on a tip of a drug pkg.I know a preloader who always has pot and he knows about the dogs:confused:1
  12. jobmann

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    that was in brooksville
  13. wornout..I never heard that rumor..what center do you work at?
  14. teamsterdan

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    good to see the old "United Pot Smokers" moniker is still valid......
    I mean shame on all us fiends!!!! 420 salute to all.........
  15. sendagain

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    There are some words in our language that speak volumes. DOPE is an apt description of these substances and those who use them.
  16. diadlover

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    Last March I was working and a slightly opened box came down my conveyor belt. So as usual, I peeked inside hoping to find some XXX magazines. No mags but I noticed two things. 1) that familiar and very distinct odor 2) a bad ass gun. So I thought to myself: "should I get high and shoot this place up or turn this in to management and let them throw me a parade in my honor?" As tempted as I was to turn my hub into a post office I turned it into my sup. Before they took it I snapped a photo with my cell phone. They treated it as a hazmat and a responder with some manager came and took it away. My reward? Nothing. My p/t sup is now f/t and I'm still a scrub. No "thank you", no "great job", definately no parade. Mark my words: the next time I come across a box like this, things will go differently. I will rethink my original decision. And when they stick the needle in my arm I will yell: "death to dannyboy and all of his browncafe cronies!" I can't'll see........

    P.S. I can't believe I have to add this but I don't want the Feds busting down my door so I am just kidding you idiots. Feakin morons. I will find out who you tattlers are but I have my suspicions. "Cathy, diadlover is threatening people again" - wily_old_vet; d.s.; moreluck; db; aspenleaf; everybody.
  17. aspenleaf

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    FYI, if I were to tattle it would be to Cheryl, not Cathy. :tongue_sm
  18. moreluck

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    The "Tattler".....wasn't that the name of that "rag" newspaper in that movie The Red Dragon? And didn't Philip Seymour Hoffman play the reporter who got set on fire and wheeled down the street in a wheelchair? Wow, Diadlover started a trivia link.
  19. mrbill

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    Thats because the sup took it home for himself!!!!!!!!!!:w00t:
  20. sendagain

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    "Say hello to my little friend!"