if everyone on this website spent as much time bitching as they did educating new members and partic

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  1. Don't make it a habit of coming on this website but it's linked to my newsfeed just got back camping you all know it's Labor Day weekend and you're on this site talking about work really nothing better to do huh like l II just and every once in awhile and realize how many people are so miserable about this job it's almost funny mostly sad if it's that horrible go work somewhere else and don't be a :censored2: Teamster
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    Is this English?
  3. yeah somewhat waiting for my wife to get back to bring me more beer already with a passive aggressive b******* on this website kaise all suck I love it notice how I use my real name cuz I'm not afraid of anyone knowing who I really am generic user generic post
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    Yep, every UPS employee who is dissatisfied is on Brown Cafe.
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    You must be a real joy to work with
  6. Fitbit App :)

    Fitbit App :) Vote! We all agree everybody should vote

    We didn't go camping this weekend because we've been waiting by the phone in case our on road calls us and needs us to come in for an hour.

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    I am on a massive Cocaine bender this weekend.
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    Here we go...

    tumblr_on0vk0b4Wd1vkjvs5o1_500.gif 10th-place.jpg
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    Drop by the Corner Bar. No set topics but we like to have fun. Cheers.
  10. Yes actually I am a joy to work with shop Stward 20 year teamsrer take care of all my union brother s and sisters and support my union my country and my troops still can't seem to understand no one's ever complaining about the high pay the great health care and your pension benefits and the cut off part of my thread and it in participating in your local union it's amazing how many of you people complain and never show up at your local union meetings but still want things to change but want someone else to do it for you way to go what everyone should be talking about as what a coincidence it is that we get a handshake deal on both UPS Freight and package and then the airline pilots who UPS is fighting for 5 years get a 31% pay increase and are now the highest paid mechanics and text in the country not to mention they have the best benefit package and health care but the company's crying broke and we're going to settle for a subpar contract get with the program and get involved if you want us all harassment in this company I find that if I just go to work and do my job everything else Works itself out they can complain and harass you all they want as long as you do your job there's no legs for them to stand on it goes in one ear and out the other if you're miserable at work you only have this yourself to blame you're probably miserable at home that's why you spend your whole weekend on this site complaining about work instead of doing something about it to make it better I don't know if you've read the news lately or not but there's a truck driving shortage I'm sure you could find a job anywhere working less hours making less money with no health benefits and no pension and you could spend all the time you wanted at home with your family
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    Take a breath.
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  13. It's just not nice to make fun of the disabled
  14. Breath taken it just makes me crazy that if everyone stood together how great it would be for everyone here and this place wouldn't even exist except to share vacation photos and recipes I'm I'm tired of giving stuff back year after year still not complaining about my pay pension or health benefits don't really have a problem going to work everyday but we should be getting a historic contract and that's what everyone on this site should be focused on instead of all this other BS here's something that someone told me a long time ago take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself" if everywhere you go there's a problem then you're probably the problem"think about it
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    Operational needs Virescit Vulnere Virtus

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    Gives me a headache
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  17. rickyb

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    maybe cuz unionized capitalist jobs also suck.

    ppl whining is a reflection of capitalism not their perspective
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    u have to use periods.
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    Vote no
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    I stop in here from time to time for the good people here. There is a Family feel that some here have with others. I spend time away from here but I come back. Even on a holiday like Labor Day. This site has a good feeling for some, even with the personal attacks. I wish you and everyone a happy safe Labor Day.