If I quit UPS, will I still get my MIP?

Discussion in 'UPS Retirement Topics' started by wpg123, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I have been with UPS for a few years now, but I'm thinking of quitting this week. Because MIP isn't paid out til April 26, would I still get the MIP if I gave notice today?
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    Just give them atleast 10 hr notice - that's all they give you when being suspended.
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    You weren't mgmt., so,you can't answer the MIP question.
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    Can't last another week ?
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    He can answer this as competently and authoritatively as he does all the other ones he answers.
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    a notice? They gave you a notice? I didn't get one, and I didn't do anything wrong.
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    You will certainly losse all of your RSU's
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    What's that? I was re-instated after my center manager, on-car, and BA made enough noise about the lack of evidence. The real culprit was fired the next day and walked out of the building in front of all the am employees.
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    RSU--Restricted Stock Unit
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    Call me goofy, but was that an interaction? A moment, per chance?