If I were to vote for President today ...

If I was to vote for President today ...

I would vote for ... ( Here's the list of your choices http://www.vote-smart.org/election_president_search.php?type=alpha )

and the reason I would vote for that person is. ...

As for me I am following someone who is trailing the pack ...
Dem. Senator Christopher J. 'Chris' Dodd (CT) because http://www.vote-smart.org/npat.php?can_id=53277#11067

The following issues are important ..

Abortion Issues
Budgetary, Spending, and Tax Issues
Campaign Finance and Government Reform Issues
Crime Issues
Education Issues
Employment Issues
Environment and Energy Issues
Gun Issues
Health Issues
Immigration Issues
International Aid, International Policy, and Trade Issues
National Security Issues
Social Issues
Social Security Issues
Welfare and Poverty Issues

Who are you voting for and why? Get ready. This election is going to be ugly with more lieing and cheating than ever before.


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If I were to vote for President today I would be casting my ballot for fmr. Senator Fred Thompson. He is a strong supporter of my 2nd amendment rights, and has the voting record to prove it. He is the only presidential nominee talking about fixing social security, and is fiscally conservative which is a quality our curent President lacks. He is about making the Bush tax cuts permanent which is helping our economy stay rolling in the face of a slow housing market and high energy prices. He has no qualms about speaking about the enemy we face today around the world (islamo facism), and I believe he will seek victory in Iraq and stay offensive in the war on terror. Finally, he supports free market healthcare solutions to tweak our current system to better serve the Ameriacan people.

I believe Fred Thompson to be a principled individual who understands that more government means less liberty for us. Fred Thompson 2008!


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Not that I would vote for him, but Bloomberg I predict will run for President also. I'd be curious to hear what he has to say and will do.


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I had the Dem. debate on today.....just in the background. Obama & Edwards were the stand-outs in this particular debate IMO. No, I'm not a Dem.


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I guess if I had to vote right at this moment this is how it would break down.

Republican only: Ron Paul

Democrat only: Mike Gravel

Alternative if the 2 above aren't available: Hold on to your hats, Dennis "UFO" Kucinich. Why Dennis? Because I see the greatest threat to my life and liberty coming from gov't period. Gov't sets policy on economics which includes tax policy and spending, social policy which could limit or curtail how I live my life and a whole host of other areas that effect me day in a day out. Paul and Gravel seem to at least speak of limiting those areas but Dennis comes into play because I think him being President would at least provide a sharply divided gov't even within the democrat ranks and this division would deadlock and in some cases handcuff gov't. In other words, it a mild fom of internal anarchy designed to trip up the smooth operations of gov't.

I know most here consider the greatest threat being terrorist out of the mideast or possibly something from the south coming across the border and those are legit concerns but I see them more an issue of fallout rather than 1st order threats. Besides, ask yourself this one important question. Who caused the immigration problem in the first place and the illegal is the effect not the cause so put your big boy pants on and face the truth. You won't like this one either but it's time we all grew up IMO and face this head on, whose foreign policy bungles and whose constant abuse of other peoples affairs ie meddling in internal affairs of other countries on behalf of American and global business interests and to support US public policy here at home ie energy policy based on tax revenues has us addicted to someone else's oil has pissed folks off around the world?

This is just purely MO but all these problems point to one source and one source only and if you can't fix it, then disrupt it as much as you can from them passing laws and policy that will likely make it worse. Dennis is a mechanism of disruption IMO as he will cause lots of internal chaos. Hillary might but her chaos would be internally within a division of republican and democrat party loyalities and that's not enough. Hillary IMO is neo-conservative lite and I happen to believe when you boil it down she and the Bush folks are a lot alike when it comes down to actual policy. Look at the real record folks because it speaks for itself. Ever heard the old adage, they fight because they are so much alike! :surprised:

If I can't stop gov't at the voting booth by electing the person I want then I mean to disrupt and derail it as much as I can by voting for someone who will disrupt by his extreme from the 2 ruling elites that really are one!

As for actually picking an individual I plan on voting for, I'm waiting to see what the various 3rd parties have to offer before I make a final decision. Outside of that, neither party IMO really offer anything that catches my attention as I just detest them for taking us where we are today.

In Mexico, they say don't drink the water because it just makes you sick. It's sad we don't take the same advice when it comes to republicans and democrats!