If They Want You To Work This Saturday..................

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by outta hours, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Tell them you will be there every Saturday from here on out for time and a half wages. I mean this Saturday is no different from any other. It's not a holiday, so what gives? If you can do it this week the precedence has been set, they are allowing you to do so. You can work any and every Saturday you want. Think of all the extra income.

    Don't want to work every weekend? Then pick and choose the ones you do want to work. Now that's what I call flexible income. No bid lists to sign, or air drivers to bump. Just show up, punch in and make that cash. What a great opportunity. Maybe someday soon Sunday work will be available. Double time for that 7th punch. Awesome huh.........
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    I'd rather have a life
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    Than again, hmmmm lol
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    Good point, but I'd bet they'd pull some kind of excuse outta their butts as to why you can't work.
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    or just gain some damn seniority....you kids these days....
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    Not awesome, no way, I need money, but I need my time off.
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    They are orginally $399 on sale for $149. I don't play enough to make an investment in the sport.
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    About 10 years ago I threw my golf clubs and bag in the lagoon on the 16th fairway. Was having a really bad day with my slice. You can have those clubs for nothing. All you have to do is dive for them!
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    Went in to be sent home. Awesome. Love this place.
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    In my center, all 90 drivers ran out of hours. Supervisors had to gather yesterday and take over routes after 8pm and send drivers in. Grievances filed on all supervisors. Moreover, we are ALL mandated to work today and UPS is bringing in drivers from another hub to drive us around today! Our start time is 930am pacific time.

    Imagine how ridiculously stupid this is?

    Drivers from another hub being paid time and a half to drive other full time drivers around for 6 hours?

    Will this company ever learn that IE is a complete waste of time?

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    LOL, Dude U guys should a called me out there 2 help. Give your Sups my #

    it's 1-BEA-STDR-IVER.