If this company was employee owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. All management peolples would be terminated ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall are doing a pitiful job..... Not if, but when this company fails!!!!!!!!!! Guess what !!!!!!!!!!!! Its all your fault.......... Start listening to your hourly people!! Please!!! You know the men and women like myself, that make your paycheck possible.....
  2. dannyboy

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    WL, while I agree, a wholly employee owned company would be run differently, I also know that there are some really good if not great people in management.

    What is different is that there are a lot of management that are interested in their specific specialty being what UPS uses to grow and to become more profitable. Their vested interest in what they bring to the table causes them to create a situation where UPS must believe in them so totally, that UPS would go out of business without their specialty.

    With this type of system, you have a group that sells the savings to the company, but many times the savings are spent on getting the results, instead of actually saving the company the money.

    In a company like ours, the more management nearer the top, the more top heavy the ship becomes.

  3. satellitedriver

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    If enough employees bought voting stock, it would be an employee owned company.
    I doubt that it is mathematically possible to make that happen.
    If all management "peolples" were terminated,
    who would sign your paycheck?
  4. DS

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    God forgive them for they know not what they do:dissapointed:
    Nobody seems to care that although cutting routes has reduced expenses,
    some of us are working 10.5-11.5 hrs every day now.
    Call for help=get it done under 12,over 12 is a days suspension,
    don't they see that our customers are not blind?
    On road production is very hard to regulate on any "planned day"
    There are very few routes that allow a driver to slack off or steal time,
    if he wants go get it done and go home.
  5. Baba gounj

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    Big Babooba
  6. over9five

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    We've been around for a hundred years. We do have good management!
  7. Anonymous 10

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    Just like in life you are going to have good people and bad people. Ups is know different I've had some really inept and some truly great managers. At this time I'm working for what I would say is the pound for pound best manager I've seen yet and that's with all the road blocks he gets from upper management.
  8. Bubblehead

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    Over 12 is a days suspension???
    How does that work??
  9. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    ???? Canada???????
  10. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    You would be in violation of DOT hours for the day!!
  11. dannyboy

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    I have been in violation of DOT hours for the day, and not been suspended. I was working as directed. Period.

    Now, they did pitch a hissyfit, but the fact still remained that they dispatched me, they knew of the problems and over dispatch, and they also knew that I would be over when they instructed me to "clean it up, and be in under 12". The instructions given were a physical impossibility, so I started with the first one given.

    After that one serious violation, the impossible instructions ceased.

  12. soberups

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    We have a lot of good managers...who have been turned into bad managers by the people above them.

    I see countless examples every day of management people making monumentally stupid decisions. Is it because they are stupid? No...its because they are scared.

    Operations management is a metrics-obsessed cult of fear. Independent thinking and creative problem solving are forbidden, and the only way to survive is to generate whatever metric happens to be the current flavor of the week no matter how counterproductive it might actually be. Operations is the place where the square peg of Corporate's impossible expectations meets the round hole of reality and the only tool that management has is a hammer. And if they dont use it on us, somebody upstairs will use it on them.
  13. Just Numbers

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    If everyone would treat each other with dignity and respect the same way they would like to be treated this company would completely turn around! But, it won't happen because them and us or us and them will not admit that each side has more bad apples in the basket then they want to admit.
  14. Bubblehead

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    Forgot he was in Canada.

    Here it's 14 hrs for a DOT violation.
    12 hrs is a corporate mandate.
  15. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    Not really,
    if you have read the explanation / papers that UPS drivers have to sign explaining the DOT rules.
    Convoluted as the law is worded, a UPS driver can actually work a 14hr day and be in compliance.
    My simple rule,
    I will shut down at 10pm and go home, no matter what is left to deliver.
    I will have notified my center, through the day, that I am over dispatched.
    Mostly, "they" will send last minute help.
    If not, ECON for the rest.
    ECON is the new missed, in the 21st century.
    10pm is a 11.25 for me and it is unsafe for me to deliver later than that, in the country.

  16. over9five

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    Sat, how much did you make last year?
  17. brownmonster

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    He clears $75 a month more than you.
  18. soberups

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    ECON is dishonest. ECON perpetuates the problem because it allows your management to avoid being held accountable for their dispatch mistakes. ECON also defrauds the customer because they cannot get a refund for the service that they paid for and that we failed to provide. ECON means "emergency conditions"; management being stupid and trying to look good on a report does not constitute an emergency.
  19. brownmonster

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    + You would think someone smarter than us and higher up would catch on. We leave alot of profit on the table.
  20. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    $76,000.00, but I only worked 9 months last year.