If this is even half true........

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by gman042, Nov 19, 2011.

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    North Dakota's Bakken formation OIL: You better be sitting down when you read this - The Regulators Anti-Socialism Vigilance Committee
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    Hope you're wearing your BFR underdrawers, you're gonna need 'em.
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    You don't need BFRs, just read the USGS link at the bottom of that article. They estimate 3 to 4.3 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil at Bakken. Current US consumption is over 6 billion barrels a year. You do the math. That article waaay overstates the effects of recovering all that oil.
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    Just wait a day or two, you'll see why I suggested the BFRs. By the way, my reply was not about the reliability of the piece , just a prediction of coming events.
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    Ah....c'mon. Don't be so cryptic. What do you see in you crystal ball?
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    Let's do the math. The official government estimate has gone up by 25 times since 1995 of how much oil is recoverable in that formation. What will the official estimate be in 2015 or 2025 by the time they got into full production? What technology will exist by then if we got government out of the way?
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    Had to look up up BFR. Brominated flame retardant :happy2:
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    Since you are not that frequent of a poster here you may not be aware of some of the flame throwers that haunt these threads. I was merely predicting that before long the usual suspects will chime in with their usual responses. No crystal ball needed, just observation of past practices.
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    Maybe any oil will "harvest" itself !