If UPS Had Nukes...

Liberty Bear

New but not Naive
Union president Jim/James Hoffa has expressed solidarity with workers in Iran. He's also worried about the possibility that Iran might acquire nuclear weapons. That's why he wants to divest from Iran.

Now a conspiracy theorist might suspect that Hoffa is simply working for George W. Bush, Inc. If that's true, then one might also suspect that Hoffa is similarly helping Corporate America in its war against workers.

But let's be generous and assume that Hoffa really does care about Iran's workers (though not workers in Pakistan, North Korea or Tonga) and he really is worried about rogue states like Iran (though not Pakistan or North Korea).

Does anyone besides me see the irony in the fact that Hoffa allegedly worries Iran's mullahs more than he worries George Bush and domestic corporate executives?Why Teamsters President Hoffa worries Iran's mullahs