If/When One Catches Coronavirus

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SLW, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. SLW

    SLW Member

    I'm looking for someone who understands the contract and new laws coming out to respond here, not a hijack.

    If I get it, what are my options for leave?

    If a family member gets it (two high-risk dependents, one of whom is in three high-risk categories), what are my options?

    I am pretty new and have no leave until September.

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  2. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    You get sick and you stay home -- that's about it.
  3. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    You can request a leave of absence as per article 16. All that will do is protect your job, your benefits may lapse if you are out long enough. One reason why health insurance tied to employment may not be the best idea. Based on your post, you probably don't qualify for FMLA, but your state may have provisions for a person in your situation.
  4. Poop Head

    Poop Head Lovin' every minute of it!

    Don't worry about it. Once we get the 5G network running, it'll fry that Corona like an egg!
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  5. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut Proud Deplorable

    If you get it you're basically dead already, these are the end times.
  6. SLW

    SLW Member

    If the person in my house who's in three high-risk categories gets it, yeah, they're basically dead already. Glad you're getting a kick out of it, buddy.
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  7. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut Proud Deplorable

    Then they were basically dead if they got the flu too. I suggest you do whatever you have done in every year past and hope for the best. Good luck, buddy.
  8. SLW

    SLW Member

    So a yearly vaccine and the ability to get a bed in the ICU? Don't be a :censored2:ing maroon.
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  9. no_map_needed

    no_map_needed Knowledge is key, Experience is power.

    Go run up to your sup and see if they want some virus.
  10. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Relax Bobby, the only way to avoid the chance of getting it is to stay at home in the first place, otherwise you’re just playing a risk eliminating game. If you are that concerned about your two family members getting it, they should stay away from anyone that could possibly get it, including you.
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  11. Misthios

    Misthios I love my job. Don't you?

    Look man if you're this worked up over the common cold or I mean the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, Didn't mean to downplay the hysteria there, then focus on taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you wash your hands often, use sanitizer, avoid social contact, dont shake hands, dont be around coughing or sneezing people, buy a mask if it makes you feel better and last but not.least fashion all clothes out of a minimum of 50 rolls of tp. Double play not single you cheap bastard. Those tips will help fight and prevent the spread of the common cold or crap I mean Corona virus.
  12. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    Sorry man but that post sucked
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  13. Misthios

    Misthios I love my job. Don't you?

    Its facts man not trying to be funny. Take the easy steps to protect yourself from what is essentially a cold/flu and you're fine. People are losing their minds over nothing.
  14. silenze

    silenze Lunch is the best part of the day

    You will have to get a doctor's note or qualify for fmla and provide the necessary documents to validate your claim
  15. cachmeifucan

    cachmeifucan Well-Known Member

    Call a doctor if you have symptoms tell them you need a note to quarantine you because your showing symptoms you probably won't even have to see a doctor they probably fax the note to you. And they won't test you unless your dying. No test available well not enough for everyone who shows symptoms a doctor note for a self quarantine should be simple
  16. cachmeifucan

    cachmeifucan Well-Known Member

    That's only 10 days so be prepared to lose insurance based off the 1 punch rule team care will definitely drop the ball. Ft supervisor were told they will have to use up vacation time. Wow 10 paid is better then nothing .
  17. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut Proud Deplorable

    Screw that I'm going to work.
  18. cachmeifucan

    cachmeifucan Well-Known Member

    I'm at work now hamat class. Only 7 people in class.
  19. Indecisi0n

    Indecisi0n Well-Known Member

    If I get sick I'm going to work and coughing right in my bosses face.
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  20. Poop Head

    Poop Head Lovin' every minute of it!

    "Are you infected?"

    "*Cough cough* HIPPA *labored breathing*"