If you are a part time but make good money how does your pension look?

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    Compared to other part timers and full time drivers? Part timers make 20k full timers make 80k. I make 40-60k cause im an air driver that helps a LOT. Does my pension look inbetween. Or is it :censored2: like other part timers even though i make way more than them?
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    I always assumed pension is pension not matter how much money you make. I could be wrong of course.
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    As long as you get yearly credit (worked enough weeks) you get the same amount of pension credit regardless of how much you make. What does matter is part time vs full time years. PT pensions only pay a fraction of the amount FT pensions pay. Those PT years do count as a year of service towards your retirement which is more important.
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    The majority of PTers do not make 20k a year....I don't think I broke 20k before my 4th or 5th year.
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    Time to man-up and bid full-time.
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    If you are in the Western Conference of Teamsters all of your hours up to 2080 count towards your pension. It does not matter if you are full time or part time. I had years when I nearly had 2080 hours as a part time worker. The amount that is contributed per hour is shown in the supplements. The only bad part is the contribution rate is less for a part time employee than a full time employee.

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    In 1997 part timers recieved their last real increase in pension. It went to $55 per month for every year of service. When the contract of of 2007-2013 was forced upon us by the company AND the union it increase to $60 per month for each year of FUTURE service but stayed at $55 for past service. In other words if you HAD 10 years then gained 5 under the new language you would recieve $550 plus $300 for a total of $850. All full time pension goes back and does change with future service. Had the part timers been given the same fair consideration with 15 years of service you would recieve $900 per month. This was an issue that the hold out locals were fighting for.

    Part time pension is a company pension and not a union pension. The maximum is $60 times 35 years or $2100. However the only people who will recieve that are those hired upon ratification of the 2007-2013 contract. In other words anyone hired in 2007 will be able to recieve $2100 per month when they retire 35 years down the road in 2042. See why we kept fighting?
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    That is not the way I read the contract. Everyone who is still PT are eligible for the increased pension at retirement.