if you fart

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  1. christian c

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    inside of a package car, it lingers forever
  2. TheDick

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    Man all day i had farts so bad i wanted to shower adn change my clothes.
    Maybe lay off the cookies and choclate.
  3. jenniferlynn

    jenniferlynn New Member

    Somebody farted in the crew van last night (wasn't me)...I guess the crew vans are retired driver vans...yeah it did linger...and the door was shut and the heat was blasting...nasty ass man that did it....
  4. Bubblehead

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    This time of year I pick up my helper right after lunch. Poor fella.
  5. moreluck

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    The thread title should be "when", not "if". Everybody does it...
  6. brownmonster

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    I prefer to leave them at customer locations as I'm walking out the door.
  7. jenniferlynn

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    If a co-worker had boogs kinda peepin' from a nostril...would you tell 'em? It's embarrassing for them when ya tell 'em, but even more so when ya goin' around all day with that...LOL :)
  8. TheDick

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    If they're not the top 10 most hated cons, i'll tallem , if i dont like you, goodluck with that
  9. rod

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  10. MrFedEx

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    SBD's in a crowded elevator on a winter day.
  11. PT Stewie

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    We have two loaders with really bad gas who fart in the air-cans.Anyone In Louisville or Rockford passing out upon un-sealing the air containers.
    Could that be considered a ORMD or an unacceptable HAZMAT in the air system ?
  12. jenniferlynn

    jenniferlynn New Member

    Haha!! Thank goodness I don't have to open the dang things!!
  13. Bad Gas!

    Bad Gas! Active Member

    I resemble this thread!!!!
  14. over9five

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    Good point!
  15. Jones

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  16. jenniferlynn

    jenniferlynn New Member

    This has nothing to do with farts but....last week I had a descrepancy in my paycheck of $3.42. I didn't say much about it well, because it was only $3.42. This week there is a descrepancy of $8.76. Well that would be a total of $12.18. This morning I am going down to the union hall to let them know what I have found. Should I do that first, or should I bring it to my full-timer's attention first? Let's just say that happens every month, 5 mins here...2 mins there...it all adds up, right? Well if there was a descrepancy of $12.18 a month X 12 that would be a total of $146.16. As a part-timer, I scrounge for minutes...LOL...but they friggin' add up!!

    It's not about farting...but it's a bunch of you-know-what!! :)
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  17. J,
    In my opinion, I would bring it to the attention of my Supervisor first.
    Going to the Union without giving management a chance to make it right could backfire on you and perhaps make you a "target" for someone looking for trouble.
    It's definitely not your fault, but you need to let your Sup get it fixed, if he/she doesn't or drags their feet, by all means take it elsewhere for attention.
    Good luck.:happy2:
  18. Christian,
    I think the problem is the amount of force you're putting behind those bursts.
    I believe the seat covers are cloth which will allow the gas to permeate the cushion, (like a sponge soaking up water). I would suggest either leaning to one side or timing the exhaust to coincide with those right hand turns to provide an "air gap" between your butt and the seat.
    Try that and report back on the results.
    We can keep working on this problem until we get the right fix...
  19. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Wow, a manager that wants to fix the problem and not pass it on.:happy2:
  20. jenniferlynn

    jenniferlynn New Member

    Okay...I will do that :) Yeah I was jumping the gun on that by just going on down there, but you are right about bringing it to my sup's attention first. This has happened to me in the past and was fixed immediately. Funny how the clock-out time can be fanaggled...but thanks for the reply :) Have a good day at work!!