If you had a complaint against a sup

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    Who do you go to?
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    Why not go directly to that sup and request a sit down and express your concerns to that person? If that doesn't work, go to his boss. If neither of these appeal to you, is there another sup that you do feel comfortable with and in whom you could confide? If not, ask for a meeting with your HR person. If none of these are possible, for whatever reason(s), call the Hotline number and relay your concerns to the person there.
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    First start off small, go to a steward, see what happens. You haven't really told us your problem exactly so we really can't help ya. For all we know, the sup might be right lol.
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    A few years ago when we were having a problem with a sup I wrote three letters voicing my complaint about a particular sup and mailed them. They went to company HQ in Atlanta, the building sort supervisor and the union steward. I came in for the night sort on smalls a few days later and within 15 minutes of starting the sort they shut it down for about 10 minutes and read their company policy on harrassment and reassured us that it would not happen again ( at least from this sup). He was trasferred out within a week. This process was is very effective if not overused or abused.
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    as an option you can call the UPS Hotline 1-800-220-4126
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    Mito86, Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you said in a past post that you were a part-Time Sup wanting to be a full-Time Sup?
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    In the spirit of trying to follow chanels, and this is depending on what the complaint is, I would suggest you follow Upstate's suggestions.

    Nothing creates hard feelings that blasting off over the heads of local management, who would rather take care of local situations themselves if possible. While you might get the result you are looking for, you will create a relationship that will be strained at best.

    Work within the system until the system does not work, then do what has to be done.

    I guess it goes back to treating people like you would want to be treated. If I have done something against you, come to me first before you run all over the place complaining. That is the way I would want to be treated, and try to treat others the same way.

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    this ought to make a few of you laugh.

    Now p/t sups have no union and we are pretty much held by our balls all the time. I was being singled out by my f/t and building manager. I didn't want to go to the building HR because they were in tight with our b/m. So we have this "hotline" we can call...anonymously. So I tell them a whole list of things, I had been documenting them. She asks for my name, I tell her I don't want management to know it's me. She says it's just contact info to get back to me. So I give her the info.

    Next day...literally the next day. I am pulled into an office with my f/t, b/m, an hr rep, and the division manager with my report typed out with everything I said. Nice huh?

    Needless to say I was a bit upset. Funny thing is that I was an example for all the other p/t's that called they never left any info because they would tell them what happened with me.
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