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Never get involved in a land war in Asia


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I would preach to never listen to people that tell you , “you suck and won’t make it here!” I’ve out lasted many of those managers & sups !!! Still here !!

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IF, my Daughter would've listened to everything her Mom and old man has been trying to tell her for years. She graduates from HS tomorrow. No regrets though. I'm a proud Daddy though. She's just a bit stubborn like me.


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what if you don't??
You would feel like crap if something happened and you were fighting. My son and I didn't see eye to eye for probably 3 or 4 years. It was so bad my wife would keep us apart to avoid arguments . About the time he turned 24 or25 he started "growing up" and became a very valuable citizen with many friends and a great job. He was building his dream home when he died of a head injury after falling no more than 7 feet off a ladder. I used to get off work and stop by and help him on his house almost every night and we were really getting along. He once told his mother that Dad was the only person he could REALLY rely on for help. I'm so happy my last words to him were "see you tomorrow night- love ya man."