IIO 1st Yearly Report Blasts: Hoffa, Ken H & Rome A!!!

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    The court-appointed Independent Investigations Officer (IIO) has issued a first-year report to the US Attorney and James Hoffa, and it consists entirely of blasting the Hoffa administration for illegally obstructing the investigations, and violating the consent order to “shield a political ally”, Rome A.

    “The Rome A matter reeks with the IBT’s bad faith,” IIO Joseph diG concludes. It goes on to discuss “The obvious GEB subterfuge to avoid its obligation to adjudicate very serious charges against an International Vice President and political ally for betraying the members’ trust.”

    You can read the first seven page Annual Report of the Independent Investigations Officer for yourself.
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    Poor Joey! He's out of job soon. Him and his alter ego. I guess we do anything for job justification.
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    Please quit tearing down our union. You are not a member in good standing nor a member.
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    Maybe not. But, he called it weeks before it did in fact happen. You seem not to be able to get the phone call, he gets.

    The union is doing it all by it self
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    If you look at all my posts pertaining to the subject I said Ken would be the secretary treasurer and be involved with the 2018 ups contract. I never disputed Sean would be small package director. I only posted what I was allowed to say publicly. Anyway I was ahead of the curve.
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    Like OMG