Illegal Anti-Union Meetings

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    FedEx Express senior managers are holding 30-35 minute mandatory paid "information sessions" about the RLA. Predictably, these are nothing but anti-union meetings designed to show employees how evil the Teamsters are and how "good" they've got it under the current system.

    Isn't this illegal? To FedEx, it doesn't make any difference, apparently since they are so used to operating outside the bounds of the law. These "sessions" are so one-sided and full of untruths as to be laughable. Unfortunately, throwing out lies to the gullible and uneducated often has positive results, at least at FedEx.

    Eliminating the RLA Exemption does not mean that FedEx will necessarily go union. It simply makes unionization far easier than under the RLA. Fred knows that, and also knows that to keep us non-union if it does pass will require a huge cash layout, much as it did back in 1996, when major raises were handed-out after upper management got a good scare put into them by an unsuccessful Teamster campaign. If the RLA doesn't pass, we won't get squat.

    Is anyone from the Teamsters aware of this, and if so, are they just going to stand-by, or are they going to hold FedEx accountable for skirting the law? As much as I hate to admit it, there are enough moron Kool-Aid drinkers left to screw-up the current campaign too. Are you listening, Teamsters? The weak-minded need a dose of the truth as the antidote to the purple and orange beverage that is currently being served in mass quantities. Don't blow it this time around, OK??
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    Blow it, Blow it, Blow it - To all the kool-aid drinkers out there -the purple and orange beverage does actually have some taste to it.
    GO FRED - BEAT THE TEAMSTERS - YOU ROCK!!!!!:peaceful:
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    I, for one do my homework on issues like this and it is not up to me to get in anyone elses lane when it comes to issues like that.
  4. MrFedEx

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    You've already got me in major trouble once, so I'll force myself to be polite. It's really difficult with you.

    Those who do drink the Kool-Aid are the same people who work off the clock, take 3 hour splits, come in to wash their truck on their day off, and probably need someone to help wipe their butt. They are mindless, and accept everything that management tells them as the gospel. Whenever they get the chance, they "tell" on others who don't follow policy to the letter, hoping they can brown nose their way into a Bravo Zulu or some other meaningless sign of recognition.

    They shop at WalMart because it's non-union, and they won't buy an American car because UAW workers made it. On their routes, they're usually the worst couriers, but because they ********* so well, management lets them slide. Other more competent drivers take up the slack, and when they complain, the label of "bad attitude" is immediately applied. Instead of doing their job, they talk politics with the receptionist or try to play salesperson and gin-up worthless leads...again, to kiss ass.

    Fred could make them take 4 hour splits every day, eliminate all of their benefits, and make them pay for their own fuel....and they'd still "believe". They really are THAT stupid. I don't waste my time with the Kool-Aid people...they are beyond help. When Fred tells them to all jump off the cliff, they'll do it holding hands and smiling.

    I go for the fence-sitters. There's actually a chance that they can come out of their coma long enough to make a difference.
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    I dont get it with all this kool-aid talk.If you hate Fedex so much,go quit and work for UPS.I love my job.Its the best job ive ever had.I am a part time pick-up driver.Yes I only make 36k a year and no overtime but its a perfect easy job for me.What is so illegal about a private company having a meeting that involves unionization????

    It is because Fedex is non-union that I am able to work there.
  6. MrFedEx

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    Your comments about "free flights" have already established you as a fake. Go troll somewhere else. Part-timers are limited to 30 hrs a week and are lucky if they even get close. If you're new, and part-time, you'd be lucky to make 24k a year...another lie on your part. Keep trying...want to go for 3?
  7. Ricochet1a

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    You obviously are not a part-time Courier with Express. A part time pick-up Courier not working overtime in the highest market level would make in the mid-20's, no where near $36,000 a year. Your math gave you away. A fulltime Courier would make in the mid to upper 30's in the first years of working. Either get your math correct, of stop acting as a shill for Fred.

    Being able to work at FedEx because it is non-union... It is easier for a marginally qualified person to begin working for Express than UPS, since they will take people off the street with no prior experience and put them behind the wheel of a truck.

    As far as hating FedEx, yes many hate what FedEx has done in the past few years to it employees. However... we'd like to get back what was taken from us before we hit the door. For those who wish to continue to make it a career choice, we'd like to prevent Fred from turning every Courier into a part-time employee with no long term career prospects.

    Please post your comments on brownbailout, your knowledge of the issues facing the employees of FedEx is comparable to the shills that post there.
  8. Broke

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    Ricochet1a, I would like to apologize for insulting you in another thread.It just seemed like you were trying to shove down our throat that the only thing we needed to negotiate for was to get our pension back. The couriers with less than 10 years with the company need much more than just the traditional pension. As I've stated in another thread, I've been at Fedex 6 years and currently make $15.29 per hour.This is unacceptable in my opinion for what I do on a daily basis, especially since I was told by the recruiter before I was hired that all couriers reach top pay in 4 years.

    Do I expect UPS pay? Of course not, but I would like to be around $24 or $25 an hr and have comparable benefits. Keep up the good work and keep us informed with the latest gossip.
  9. FedEX 4 Life

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    Who said im new? And where did you guys learn math?? Yes im part time but why would i lie about how little money i make?? Ok heres some math for you morons.

    $24.96 X 30hrs = 748.80 X 52 =$38937.60

    Yes i make 36k a year part time.I make much more on my other job but i work at Fedex for benefits as do many others in my station.There are many police officers who are part time Fedex couriers in my station.Its a great part time job.
  10. Ricochet1a

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    I just don't see how you do your job. I checked your post history. Today seems to be your first day of posting. You racked up a handful of posts in the morning, and then curiously made more posts in the early afternoon. How did you fit in your 6 hour pickup route in there? Most pickup route shifts are no longer than 5 hours, since most customers don't have their shipments ready until late in the day. What are you, a Courier, Ramp Agent, Feeder employee all wrapped up in one?

    Nice being topped out, how long have you been at FedEx? Seems you don't mind your pension being stolen from you. Working a steady 30 hour week as a pickup Courier. Mistake on your part. If you would've said you worked as a part-time delivery Courier you would've been in the clear...

    If you work two jobs, how do you have the time to post both in the AM and late afternoon?

    As far as police officers working... I had a work mate that started on the same day as I that was a cop. Problem was, his schedule was a bit unpredictable due to the requirements of being a cop. He had to quit after a couple of months when he couldn't deconflict the two. My brother was a cop until a few years ago, and he never had a predictable schedule. Being able to be a part-time Courier AND work as a cop, without having a problem with schedules conflicting over a period of years...

    Anyone that has time to troll both the FedEx posts AND the UPS posts on the same day, and makes multiple posts on that first day of posting has a lot of time on their hands. Time to pull off the mask and reveal yourself FedEx 4 Life, your facts and patterns don't match the false colors that you are flying under.
  11. FedEX 4 Life

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    I own my business which im at from around 6:00 am-1:00 pm
    I work at Fedex from 2:30 pm-8:30 pm.All the pickup routes in my station are part timers.Ive been at Fedex for almost 17 years.At my business,I have a computer in my office.

    Who is stealing my pension?I need to find out,I didnt know someone was stealing it from me.
  12. Ricochet1a

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    FedEx 4 Life, I've sent a message off list (private). If it didn't go through, please let me know.
  13. Just Numbers

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    Sounds like a personal problem to me. Hey everyone...STOP FEEDING THE TROLL!!!!!!
  14. FedEX 4 Life

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    Back on topic.Yes we have had meetings talking about whats going on.But how is this against the law?FedEx is a private company that it is not union.Cant they have meetings about whatever they want?Also,its not like the entire meeting was about the whole RLA thing,id say about half.I think it is good that Fedex is telling us whats going on.Everytime I talk to a UPS guy,he has no clue what im talking about regarding the RLA thing.
  15. bbsam

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    please don't take this the wrong way, but why would the company having such a meeting be illegal? as long as the drivers are "on the clock", the company can say anything they want about their perception of what unions would mean. do you believe for a moment that a union organizing meeting would have anything good to say about the company? fred has a vested interest in remaining non-union and is relaying that to his workers. it may be hyperbole, misguided, and scare tactics, but i doubt that it is illegal. but you do have a point in where is the teamster response.
  16. FedEX 4 Life

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    What can the teamsters do?
  17. bbsam

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    i don't know, maybe stand outside a fedex building (off property) handing out flyers inviting people to a cookout at the local union hall and thus have a forum for their own sales pitch/beat down of the company. you know, informational sessions, organiing rally. everything fedex watch doesn't get involved in.
  18. FedEx All the Way!

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    Absolutely agree. People who can down a company that has provided for them for so long should start looking for employment elsewhere - perhaps UPS - who can't even give their employees air conditioning in the South. I'm from Florida and all I can say is "it's great seeing the FedEx driver calm and cool while the UPS driver is all sweaty and tired delivering packages in my area (very professional for a business to see a delivery employee like that) Fred sure knows how to keep it cool!

    Mr. FedEx, I am truly sorry to hear that you are so unhappy, again, perhaps you should provide your resume to UPS - since you're soooooooo pro-unionization. I truly believe UPS may be the company for you.
    Good-Luck and let us all know how your interview went.
    Until then - have a great day.
  19. MrFedEx

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    My, aren't you the little Einstein. If I were to review all of your posts, about 90%say the same thing over and over...just like this post. Another worthless waste of everbody's time.

    As far as FedEx4life goes, he/she is a fake. Nobody who really works for the company would make such a list of absolutely incorrect statements and then try to defend them with more lies.
  20. MrFedEx

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    Legally, FedEx is supposed to be "unbiased" and cannot use company meetings to bash the unions. That's why they are being called "information sessions" and not "anti-union meetings". They cannot say anything they want. Per FedEx procedures, managers are not even supposed to discuss unions unless an employee brings it up. Never mind that nearly everything Fred and FedEx have said are either outright lies or mischaracterizations of what's really going on with the RLA.

    Since most FedEx facilities are "secure", the Teamsters can't do anything on company property. Legally, employees are supposed to be able to solicit, distribute literature etc. in breakrooms and other non-work areas, but FedEx has always targeted employees who dared do this. In fact, most breakrooms now have cameras....I wonder why? If Courier X is caught on tape, his or her name will be spread all over the district so the harassment and intimidation can begin. The goal? To get rid of this person ASAP by any means possible. Sound legal? It's not, but that's the way FedEx plays the game. Don't be so naive....that's the way an unethical and dishonest company does business.