Im about to fly off the handle on this one.

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    There is an employee who has been drafted this weekend and he informed me today that management is going to make certain he gets out of the draft so he can attend the first AIM class (supposed to be done on your own time), which I find interesting because I know for a fact he doesn't meet the requirements for the AIM program, and the reason they (management) are going to try and make this happen is because he volunteers almost every weekend. I work Saturdays anyways so the decision in no way affects me...ok not totally would actually be better if he was let out so I can get more hours. Anyways, for some reason I cant seem to help my feathers from getting ruffled about the whole thing on behalf of the rest of my coworkers who have never had special arrangements made for them, and the fact that this guy doesn't even meet the requirements for the program. Is it me, or does this seem like management is not only disregarding policy, but also showing favoritism towards and employee by doing this?
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    2 things managers excel at, disregarding policy (when it benefits them) and favoritism. I'd call 'em on it.
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    Drafted?.....are they sending him to Vietnam?
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    Drafted...forced to work or aka voluntold.
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    oh, gotcha...I thought I'd missed something! :happy-very:
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    Mandated, not drafted.
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    Even with GFT, managers still play favourites. There have been 4 people at my station who have been offered jobs without having to go through JCA. Manager just went up to them and asked if they wanted the job and gave it to them. Someone GFT's it and it goes no where. This company is rotten from the top down that's why I do the bare minimum anymore.
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    LOL! Operational needs!

    ‚ÄčRemember they are having a hard time finding people to go into management. Adjustments must be made.
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    What the heck is AIM?
    The new "perspire" program?
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    I thought I was going to read something new here. I was wrong.
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    Thank you! I learned a new word today: "voluntold"! Can't wait to use it with my daughter:

    "I don't remember asking if you want to help grandma clean the gutters! You'be been voluntold!"