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  1. goober123

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    Left YRC and New Penn for UPSGF.:happy-very:

    Man what a relief to get away from there,no pension and deteriorating work enviroment.
    I worked seasonal feeder last year in STRCT,great people,even the manager's and clerk's were nice,of course I was seasonal but I think for the most part the company has changed as far as the 2 side's of the fence.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Hopefully Sober will read this.
    This goober has got out and seen the world outside of UPS. :wink2:
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  3. goober123

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    Your Welcome.

    The world outside,in trucking is a very ugly place.

    Laid off at the Big R went on the road hauling frozen food's,all illegal run's,nothing to drive 800 or more mile's a day.
    Sleep a half hour and drive back the 850 to CT.
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    I hear good things about that place; been through the building once or twice, pretty large operation.
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    Same here 15 years at Yellow trans... I got pink slipped 2 years ago.. Im staying here for the duration.... I did like it there... But there is no reason to work for nothing.. The Pension was the only reason to work at YRC.. Without that.. Its no better than any other trucking job...