I'm not surprised, but...

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  1. YouPeeEss

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    ...still a little p****d.

    Three weeks ago I was given an ID and told I would begin training in a week. I received a call last week (6 hours prior to show-time) postponing my start because "Labor Day occurs NEXT week". I just received a call tonight (again, 6 hours prior) postponing because of "possible weather at my hub tomorrow" which is absurd.

    Are these occurrences just coincidence? Should I find another job or wait it out? I don't HAVE to take this job, but it does fit in with my life at the moment.

    Thanks for the insight
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  2. Leftinbuilding

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    The "weather" comment could be hurricane related. Even if you are not in the impacted area, the disruption will be far reaching. Hang in there........
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    I can't offer you any advice, but when I reported for my first night, the ladies in HR sent half of the room home. Then they cut 4 more people until there was only six of us left. One guy that made the cut told me this was the third time he had been told to come in then would get sent back home. I guess I was lucky because they kept me.
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    Always bring donuts:happy-very:
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    In comparison, it's preferable to receive a call; the frustration remains however, in putting off other things because you were offered a certain idea about starting. SOP for UPS though, I'm sure.
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    Yeah, I guess you're right. Good luck. I'm sure they'll be starting you soon. Then the fun begins!
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