I'm really going to try

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  1. ManUtd32780

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    and save my option days for at least until February. Sounds good, doesn't it?!? It's hard to not take those days off when my boss calls up in the morn to see if I want the day off. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. anonymous6

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    you can do it!!!
  3. over9five

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    We get our 8 days on May 1st. I still have 6, I like to get them paid back!!!
  4. Dustyroads

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    You could always just have your boss schedule you off without pay, since he obviously would like you to have the day off, and save your optional days for those brutal hot days in the middle of July when everyone is on vacation and it takes a note from the coroner to get a day off.
  5. ManUtd32780

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    That's usually what I try to do at the beginning of the year. I live about 25 miles from our center so it sucks going into work then them giving you the day off. I'd rather know in advance but you can't have everything. I'm just looking forward to getting back to some normalcy after peak.
  6. Dustyroads

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    I usually know in advance, it is beneficial to both the dispatch supervisor and to myself. However, if it's unplanned, I have a cut-off time, say 7:15, and they know if they haven't made a decision by then, that I will work. It really works nice, although it's sometimes a drag, having to get ready for work and then not go. But, my commute is twice the distance of yours, so I understand that issue.

    Here's some free advice, although it sounds like Man doesn't need it from me: take as many days off as you can afford. It's like mileage on a car, every day you take off extends your career by one day.
  7. MC4YOU2

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    In the West, if you have 500 hours in a year you get full credit for a year of service. If you celebrate a birthday, you also get credit for that.
    An extar day off, paid or not, will not affect your carreer length. Maybe in some areas it will but not out here. When your age and years of service equal 80 you can retire. Yipppeee!
  8. trplnkl

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    I think he was saying that a day not working is a day not adding insult to injury to your body.
  9. whiskey

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    You can stick a fork in mine before the Fourth of July.
  10. Dustyroads

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    Trp, you are so right. One only has a certain number of days in their body at ups. Taking days off, reduces the wear and tear on one's body, reduces the repetitive motion acts, reduces the stress. That is how it lengthens one's career. In this part of the country, if one works a single day during the week, UPS pays a full insurance and pension benefit payment to the funds on your behalf.