Im the new Jackass on the boxline..

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  1. So, I kept googling questions and I was constantly directed here.. Just want to say hello. I've read a lot and I will keep reading/learning. I don't know :censored2: about UPS, and wont pretend to. I've done good so far I think because I keep my mouth shut, and work my nuts off. I'm happy to have found a place to look up the stupid questions I'm too busy to ask at work. So Yeah, that's me.. have a nice day!
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    Sounds like future management
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    Speaking of future management, if they come to you wanting you to be a supervisor, tell them NO. Just to make sure you heard me, tell them NO, NO, NO.
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    leave your feelings at home son, and youll be just fine lol.
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    If you have questions about the company, chances are there is somebody here who can answer it, since we run the gamut, from part-time to package, feeder and even center manager. You may not want to hear the answer, however, lol. welcome.
  6. I have NO intention of being a pt sup ('m a horrible babysitter).. Nor do I think I'll make driver this decade. No delusions about warm and fuzzy feelings about my job, I just want to work.
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    How long does it take to be a driver?
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    Years. How many years depends on your building.
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    Welcome to the show
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    The #1 rule is ----Don't take everything you read here as being the truth. After awhile you will realize that UPS has no rules carved in granite. What flies at one center will be taboo at another. What is done for one hourly employee at one center is not what will happen to every employee at that same center. UPS is notorious for playing one employee against another. Anything to keep the troops from being united. P.S. even if you aren't required to---JOIN THE UNION
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