immediate PT sup vs. package handler for the ...future?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ben E Keith, Jan 10, 2016.

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    I've been lurking this forum for about 4 months now, since I got hired on as a seasonal. Read all the stickys multiple times and countless other threads and seen a lot of back and forth on this tired subject etc... just signed up for my first post, so sorry if this is the umpteenth time you've seen this.

    I'm 29, with a degree in fine arts (utter garbage - FML) I took the seasonal position as a second job to make some extra money to prepare for my first child being born in mid-January (any day now!)

    ...I got picked as a primary sorter working with the imprinter and right off the bat the sort manager came down and asked me if I wanted to be a supervisor. It sounded great at the time... then I loaded some package cars at 9 am for a week straight and talked to several drivers who changed my mind - THEN, I spent a lot more time on this forum and noticed, a lot of the drivers here, when given anonymity, seem to hate their job and complain about the family time lost and how even though they make a boat load of money compared to any other remotely similar job, it's still not enough...

    SO! how many supervisors post here? Is the mental abuse easier or harder than the physical abuse? Also, is driving worse than sorting? Because sorting is awful. I don't want to look like Quasimodo from constantly picking up packages on the left and tossing them to the right.

    I've made my own conclusions from reading posts about driving by drivers - Frankly, I'm worried I'm too absent minded and I'll probably forget to put on my seatbelt and back up too many times and get fired the first week, assuming I get there in the next THREE years. otherwise, $11 an hour (imprinting is such a skilled position!) doesn't cut it.
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    Hi, Ben.

    Change your user name. Now. Really.
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    It's the name of a huge food and beverage distributor in the south... I couldn't come up with anything better that couldn't be traced to me. thanks for looking out though, you guys are the best.
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    Since you have a fine arts degree, why not go into the teaching profession? You mentioned you're expecting a child, teaching might be a better fit in terms of quality of life. Don't become a supervisor man, it's a dead end.
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    Please change your username.
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    Depends on your center...some centers yiu could be looking at 6 years plus loading before getting a shot at driving. Then another 4 years of progression before you hit top out. If you have a family and need money now management may be your fast track to providing for your family. Everyone here hates management so asking here will give you some bias. Do what's best for you. If you aren't looking to stick around being supervisor at UPS will be a good resume addition when trying to apply for management positions at other jobs. Being a loader...not so much.
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    Ben E Keith is a food distribution company
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    You won't forget your becomes second nature. Plus sitting up so high with the door open you'll want to wear your seatbelt to feel more safe/secure. And yea do what's best for you. Just remember if ups wants to make some managerial cuts and ur one to go there's nothing you can do about it unlike drivers they rarely(probably won't) just fire you for no reason but u won't work much at first. Prob didn't work steady for 2-3 years after qualifying n took me bout 8 years to get full time. So it's tough on family money wise I was just lucky living at home at the time and had no kids. Definitely worth making 85-90k tho if u can tough out the slow times.
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    Supervising is what you do if you are looking to do something else in the future. You part supervise while going to college and use UPS on your resume. A lot of them end up getting stuck and miserable taking it out on their subordinates that their numbers don't add up.