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  1. Jdel7866

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    Are we still able to view our personalized impact statement? I saw it once and then
    Could never find it again. Should have taken a screenshot. Anyways thanks
  2. Covemastah

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    What are you talking about ???
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  3. Wally

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    Impact Statement?

    Paternity suit or tier 3?

  4. MECH-lift

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  5. Jdel7866

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    The impact statement showed your personalized wages for the next 4 years. It showed your hourly rate, your projected annual income, and the increase over the span of four years. I saw someone on here post a pic and called it the impact statement. Here’s a screenshot of that post
  6. Jdel7866

    Jdel7866 New Member

  7. Wally

    Wally BrownCafe Innovator & King of Puns

    How DARE you utilize the search function!

    They should project for guys about to get divorced. Lol
  8. Jdel7866

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  9. Pizza

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    That was just some Teamster propaganda to tell us how great the contract was.
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