implantable cardiac defibrillator can you pass dot with one?

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    I am very nervous about my dot physical cause I have had an icd implanted since my last physical. My doctor has cleared me to drive and work but I am still nervous about the dot regs and the company dr. Anyone with any info on this subject would be helpful. Good or bad knowledge is power. Thanks
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    More info. I am not a feeder driver. I am a package driver. Thxs
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    I think the fact that no one replied is that none of us have the answer to your question. I would think that if your doctor cleared you to return to work that you should be OK but I honestly do not know.
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    Good research UpState.
    Come to think of it, a couple of our drivers had problems with suspected heart problems, no implants though. When they returned to work they had to have DOT exam before they were allowed to drive again and after that regardless of their age had to re-examined every year from then on.