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  1. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    Curious to see what other drivers do at pickup locations, when you see something wrong with a shipment, like no shipper # on an ASD, or this, at a delivery today, i had a pkg that had the label sealing the box shut with the barcode on the corner of the box so I couldn't scan it. I know you can find the 1Z with the last 4 digits, but it's annoying not being able to scan and go. Do you bring this to the attention of the shipper? Do you let it go and say "I don't have to deal with it"?
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    As a spa person, I hear that..I am wondering why they don't tell companies like Zappos that we cannot scan packages like that. Not only can I not scan the barcode, the dense code is also messed up because of where they put the labels...
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    Well tech we aren't supposed to scan pick ups so how would u know? Also what if it's a huge pick up account and just gets loaded on a feeder. As for the ASD it doesn't need a shipper number just a way to make sure someone gets charged and u can bet ups always figures out how to charge them. What I'm more concerned with is how packages such as I had today make it thru the system. 2 30lb packages that were completely empty. The packages had obviously been opened and taped back shut. There was an invoice on the outside of the package clearly stating their contents. This should of never been my problem but it was.
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    excuse me? since when don't we scan pickups?
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    Paid-over-in-Maine 15 more years of this!

    I hear you on the fallout! I had 4 pkgs on Wed. All weighed 45lbs. 3 had the contents and the 4th was empty, yet they loaded it anyway!
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    If for whatever reason I decide not to take a pickup piece (Crappy packaging, double tracking numbers, too light of a barcode that I can't scan, labels wrapped around the corner), I let the customer know why I can't take it and tell them I'll be back tomorrow. I had an issue with that today, a pickup that I went to had 4 or 5 boxes with labels wrapped around the corner that I couldn't scan and I made them re-do them all while I stood there and shot the bull with them and made fun of them for their terrible shipping and labeling.
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    I have mentioned to several shippers certain ways to label and pack things and most are very happy to fix what needs fixed. It's all about your tone.
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    Good idea for a thread,POIM.
    The truth is the importance of production causes both pre loaders and drivers,
    to not have the time to really give a crap.
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    We scan the end of day. You can also scan labels with a envelope in the bottom corner, RS, ARS packages, and packages with written out labels.
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    I don't even scan those. I only scan end of day, letter box pkgs, ars/rs handed to me on route, and post office pickup pkgs.
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    I saw it and thought to myself, hell it's going to Maine, I'll let them deal with it.
  13. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Zappos is terrible with the box over the taped seem.. I'm NOT gentle when I have to flip a box end over end looking for the label. I have a Lowes on my route, they get glass shower doors. They're ALWAYS ALWAYS broken with smashed corners, etc.. It's the size of shower door and about 3" thick. They of course wrap the label on the end of the box around it so it's on 3 sides. Gee, I wonder why it's broken, the 6 people before me had to flip it end over end to get to the label. So sick of this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. I dont understand what people are thinking sometimes.
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    The answer is yes, say something to bothe the shipper and mgmt. Ultimately it's job security as regardless of the fact it's the shippers fault service issues will be UPS fault in their eyes.
    Be professional and courteous and don't say " You're doing it wrong". Tell them that " you've notice issues with their shipping that may cause service problems". Odds are they don't know any better. If they don't change well then it's on them. Most will.
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    It's even more frustrating when you are a cover driver or you go and do a pick up for someone else and you realize they haven't trained their customers properly.

    Common things I encounter:
    -Not ready at pick up time (everyday)
    -Packages not sealed or incorrect cartons such as ones that are too weak and under rated for the weight of the contents
    -The EOD hasn't been ran in months
    -Reusing cartons with old labels/SPA labels left on cartons

    Simple things that can be avoided if the customer is informed by the driver. It's not just to my benefit as the driver, but to their benefit as a customer because it minimizes service disruptions. How often do you find a package in your truck that you picked up yesterday? How often does a pick up piece get damaged while in the car on the way back to the building?
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    Since they started printing end of day summary barcodes.
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    I'm confused---sleeve meet heart says we don't "produce" anything.